Monday, August 17, 2009

Wednesday News

It is really hot here... and I'm super tired, have sore feet and way to warm.... So it is time to relax for a bit... let my feet rest and then I will have to go find something to eat.... other than that...? I did go spend money today... Honestly got way to much stuff... LOL:) if that is possible :) I got a bunch of things for my downline as incentive gifts and stuff as well... a Stampin' UP! blouse to wear for workshops and stuff... a poster with the Statement of the Heart... A picture frame that says Celebrating 20 years of Creativity... since it is their 20th anniversary :) Other than that not a whole lot :) ... hmmm we got up on time this morning went and checked in... went to get the stuff that I just told you about in Memento Mall.. we stood in line for at least 2 1/2 hrs... crazy eh!! Then it was time to get rid of our stuff and get back to the convention centre to catch the bus for the Riverton Tour.. this is their main office building and shipping centre!! That was awesome gives me a whole new perspective on what happens with the stuff that we order... and the ideas unreal!!! We got back to convention centre around 4:10 and we went back to the hotel.. Lisa to her family and me to get some swaps for one of the swaps that I had signed up for... it is about a 15 minute walk on way... so I have been back way to many times today already... Then I had to go back so I figured I might as well look at the card display boards for a while... so I spent about 3/4 hour there... So that is probably about the extent of my day.... I tell you all of my downline is missing out!! It is amazing :) Loving it all!! and Convention hasn't even actually started :)

Start planning for next year girls :) I will be posting pictures for you to check out so make sure you look when I get them up!! The new cattie is awesome.... I can't wait to show you what I have already gotten... the bag.. cattie... 3 stamp sets... OH I can't wait to play tomorrow :)

July 31, 2008


Thursday, General Session-Day 1

By Alise Van de Bruinhorst
YAY!! After the first day of convention the excitement is just building and building!! We had a main session, at which Shelli(CEO of Stampin' UP!) told us what some of the new things are... and how much she loved us for what we do for the company... then all the demos who had their 5th, 10th, and 15th anniversary years walked up on stage!! So Lisa got to go for that... YAY, Lisa!! :) And then we had some more things unveiled to us... but I'm not going to ruin that surprise quite yet :) We also got to see some more of the Decor Elements... so that was PHASE 2 ... let me tell you if you are excited about phase 1.... it only gets better but they don't come out till the fall sometime! Then we had lunch and swaps... that we signed up for that is! After lunch we had 2 business classes... let me tell you I have not climbed that many stairs in a long long time!!! (or walked as much as I have in the last few days either) And then... yay we got to go do make n' takes... 1/2 of them... so tomorrow we do the rest ;) No pictures today... since I didn't really take any and then I also have my 8MB card in my camera at the moment! ;)

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