Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It feels like home!

Well after living here for almost two weeks I can definitely say that it feels like home. Of course there is still odd things that take some adapting to, but I think that is to be expected! As of right now I'm not home a whole lot to enjoy it or to find time to finish unpacking boxes. That being said last night I unpacked a whole bunch of boxes and found places for several more things. I also decided that my table for sewing is going to go into the large storage closet in the basement rather than having it out in the open filling in more space in the main part of the basement. So since I'm sure you are wondering about the other parts of the house that I haven't taken pictures of yet here is some more.. as well as a few that I've added a few odd things to finish our bedroom off, mainly the curtains.

psst pictures coming.. bedtime tonight :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our new Home

.. or part of it! I would love to post pictures of everything tonight, but I still have boxes and other random things parked all over.. so hopefully once they are all unpacked!

For now here goes:

So the living room... I love my green accent wall!

Our Bedroom: I stencilled that whole wall in the last 4 nights! ugh a ton of work but I'm so happy with the end result!!!

Here's a closer look at it!

The main bathroom upstairs


Basement/office/pullout couch

There is also a laundry room down stairs and a larger storage closet, upstairs has a second bedroom that I didn't take pictures of either.

So there is everything I've got for today! Enjoy

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So I'm seriously starting to wonder if I'm one of those over achievers? No joke!!

So we got the keys for our new home last week Thursday and of course there was no way that I was going to move in without painting etc. Then I had already decided that there was no way I was just going to paint the focal wall in our bedroom but, no I HAD TO stencil it, with a Stampin' Up! stencil. Which is fine, but the stencil is small and it is taking a lot longer than I thought it would! I need to do 39 rows of I believe it is 8 or 9.. I didn't count so don't take my word for it.  So far after two nights of working on it, I have 19 rows completed. Over-achiever... maybe?! We move in on Friday, which is fine, but I'm making time for nothing else in my life other than work and painting :( Sad when I could do other fun things!

Anyway, so that is the bedroom. John painted the accent wall in the livingroom, which is almost an old olive green! I really like how that turned out! Other than that now just the final madness of packing everything all up here in our current little home and we will be moving on to a bigger place! Wow I can't believe that that is this week already!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

My sisters visit - Mid February

Well, I realize that this happened a little while ago, but things have been hectic around here between sewing, and then starting work in the greenhouse and everything else. No time for fun, namely blogging.. and I quite miss it!

Since this was a few weeks ago, I'm going to have to think hard, but since I have some hilarious pictures I'm going to post those first and get the story that goes with them up on here first of all!

So anyway, whenever we have company they sleep on the air mattress in the office. So us girls went out there to make the "bed", and Brit was laying on the mattress and didn't want to move so Janita and I decided that we would put the sheet over her.

As you can tell it was a bit of a challenge to keep it that way :) Oh the good times we sisters have!

After supper, we had popcorn, with Vanilla Root Beer in the martini glasses :) and then later cake.. yup we were celebrating Janita's birthday.

yes it was Valentine's weekend so of course we had a yummy cake.. :)

Tons of fun that weekend, and lots of new great memories were created!  Love you sisters! <3

Another "Just Believe" Card

So if you haven't started to notice already, I'm going to have to admit that the Just Believe stamp set is one of my absolute favorite's at the moment! Whenever I have to make a card that is the first one I reach for. So here is another one of my cards made with that set.

Moving Day has changed...

So moving isn't going to happen in May like we originally thought. It changed from the 1st of May to the 1st of April, that was until yesterday, we decided that based on both of our schedules things would work out better if we moved next weekend. So next Friday/Saturday is going to be hectic! Nevermind from this Thursday on... I decided that I'm painting an accent wall in our bedroom, and stenciling it with the Stampin' Up! Mostly Vintage Stencil that is in the Definitely Decorative brochure. So needless to say I'll have my work cut out for me!