Monday, August 17, 2009

We're Engaged - Sep 1

Well as most of you already know! We are engaged! This is the latest news obviously! So that was Friday night after supper. We went out for supper in Ric's Grill, and he asked me after that! Anyway I will post a picture when I decide which one is a good one... since I have been looking through them and trying to decide which picture I want to use for my cards it is taking a little bit! That is partly my own fault because I am always really picky with my pictures!

John did leave this morning so now I am trying to be really positive so we won't talk about how I am feeling because that isn't where we are going to take it right now! I am planning to hang out with some of my friends this afternoon and then tonight with some more friends so then that should help distract me!

We haven't set a date yet since I will be applying for immigration papers and we want to wait until that is taken care of before we set a date and then find it doesn't work out! So I should have lots of time to plan and figure things out but I do need to get my butt in gear as far as the quilt goes! :) Since I have been planning to quilt my own! :) Anyway that is all for now!

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