Monday, February 21, 2011

Work has begun!

Well, I'm not saying that I don't work when I don't have a "full time job" because all the things I've been doing is pretty much a full time job in and of its self. Since day one is done, and I survived pretty well, in fact I still have more than enough energy. The only problem, a slightly sore right thumb from using a scissor for more than 5 hours today, as well as sore feet from standing on a concrete floor.... Now I'm going to head off to bed soon and get some sleep so I can be well rested for another day, and be ready for the rest of the week!

In the mean time I can't wait for Thursday night.. Sale-A-Bration workshop for Brenda, here we come! :) I'll share several of the projects after the party!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Work: Greenhouse

Well, just like last spring, once again I will be working for my hubby's uncle in his greenhouse. I'm excited about that, but at the same time it will be interesting to see how things work out this year compared to last year.

-Last year at this time I had just barely finished all my immigration paper work and was sitting at home bored stiff most of the time.

- This year, I have my Stampin' UP! business which seems to be doing fairly well. I also have been sewing for a local baby boutique, so those projects are taking up a lot of my spare time.

Between church functions, Stampin' Up!, sewing, working, and everything else including having to pack up my house and move I will definitely have more than enough on my plate! So it will be interesting to see how things work out.. at the same time I'm super excited and can't wait to start working! It will be great to have a change of pace again, and at the same time I will be getting out of the house.

Next week is a big week for me.. start working on Monday, Wednesday night I have Bible study, Thursday night my first Sale-A-Bration workshop for Stampin' Up!, Friday morning I have a dentist appointment... so there goes my week already! lol :) As of right now I have a ton of stuff to do before Monday, and right now I'm exhausted from everything I did today so I'm going to leave my post at this for the day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

We are moving...

Well as of this past Saturday we are moving.. still not a house of our "own" but at least it will be about 400 sq. ft. more than we currently have so that will be really nice! I haven't seen the inside of the place yet myself, but regardless I'm pretty excited to be moving somewhere that is slightly larger! So here is a picture of the outside.. it is a split level duplex vs. our current one floor. The thing that has me really excited is that we will actually have an extra room now, and our laundry room will be separate from the bathrooms! eek :)

We will be living on the right side... anyway that's all for now!

Friday, February 11, 2011

I :heart: You - Card

Well as most inspiration strikes it was nothing out of the ordinary for me last night when this idea hit me at 10:00, so the first thing I did was run to my craft room and start cutting/stamping and embossing. The end result was this card:

What I did was take a square piece of Cardstock, and punched the 4 circles into there. This became my mat. Then I mounted it on the folded portion of the card, and I ran my Real Red Classic ink pad over it gently. The circles I filled in using a sponge, then I removed my mat.  Next I cut out a mat the covered the red portion on the front of my card, other than the square with the circles and ran my Basic Black classic ink pad over it.

I punched out the black circle, and the Red heart. Then I embossed the red heart with clear embossing powder. The circle is mounted with stampin' dimensionals, and the heart I put two on top of each other so it would stand out even more. See below. For the saying, I inked up my stamp in Whisper White craft ink, and then took my sponge and applyed some Real red Classic ink gently on top to create the pink. Once again I embossed using my clear embossing powder. To finish it up I ran my basic black ink pad around the edges using the direct ink pad to paper technique.

Enjoy :)

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Our Bedroom: Curtains

Well this is one of the many items on my TO DO list that has been there for a while,finishing the curtains in our bedroom! I finally completed it today! GO ME :) Another item check off, I did want to share a picture or two with you since I can't wait until I finish my pillow shams.. I'm way to excited right now haha :)

So here is a before picture:

and now: (see below) so I added an extra strip of fabric to the valance, and I finish the tie-backs :)

I'm so happy that this is finally done, and love how it turned out!!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Hmm what should I do...

Well, my first confession tonight is going to be that I'm bored! Yes, I said it.... honestly I'm not sure why. I do wonder if being super busy all week plays into my Friday night boredom.. although I'm sure it won't last long because we are going to go visit the IL's and Oma for a bit tonight!

So since I said I've been really busy all week, here is a quick run down of everything I've been up to.

1. quilting
2. making pillow shams for our bed
3. sewing for a "friend"
4. getting annoyed with my serger
5. spending a morning sitting in the dentist chair
6. getting even more annoyed with my serger, and giving up on trying to figure out the problem
7. cleaning
8. laundry.. washing and folding
9. getting my serger problem solved with the help of a wonderful friend
10. more sewing...
11. made a card for Oma - her birthday was yesterday

So yes, if you haven't already figured it out I have spent almost my entire week behind my sewing machine. I'm amazed at home much I'm enjoying myself.. this week has honestly flown by! I said to John at suppertime yet how the week has flown by!  Anyway off I go... I'll make sure I post some more pictures of projects etc another time!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Pillow's for our bed

Well I finally decided that over 1 1/2 years with out pillows on our bed was starting to get a little ridiculous. So needless to say what else did I start making, but pillows! :) I found a pattern that I liked on Jera's blog but I kept it a little simpler than her's. In the end it turned out more like her sachets did, which is quite alright as well! I did change things up a bit since my pillows are regular size pillows on our bed, and not square ones like she used. 

Since they aren't totally finished I'm going to post the top of only one of them, and the other one I guess you will just have to wait and see. I think I may just make some other size/shaped pillows as well, depending on how long this takes me. LOL :)

Here it is:

I still have to decide how I'm going to finish the inside off since nothing is serged, blonde moment on my part because if I had thought about it sooner I would have made sure I did that. Oh well.. to late now :)