Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm starting to feel like I might need to... March 27

freak out a bit.. LOL I so have to sit down and work on invitations and it just isn't seeming to happen... grrr... so I guess I will have to make a plan. In the end it doesn't really surprise me that I haven't done them yet.. yes I may seem organized at times but on projects like that I still work better under pressure... so that is pretty much what is happening whether I wanted it to or not.. I just need to get a bunch done so that when I go down to the states in April with Easter I can take them along so I don't have to mail them from here.. I know if I can save money I plan to..... I'm even starting to wonder if the limo is worth it.. just cause it is a crap load of money... hmmm I don't know.. whatever... I haven't spent money on that yet so we are still good! Don't get me wrong I didn't say I'm cancelling it(just pondering the thought)... LOL

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