Monday, August 17, 2009

Bridal Shower #2 - May 28

Well first of all it was supposed to be a surprise and in the end it so wasn't, I saw a bunch of the vehicles as I turn onto Alanna's gravel road so, that was that. Also on my way out there I was going to let mom know we were heading out there... anyway I phone home and no one answers... because I had been wondering when it was going to happen for a few weeks already I started to get suspicious... so the vehicles just clarified my suspicions! In the end Surprise showers are over-rated in my opinion.. and I looked like crap because we had gone rollerblading after supper (Alanna, Yvonne, and me) so put that with going to the dentist and it is just a bad combo... (as well as having a cold).

Anyway so I'm totally not posting pictures of me cause they are just bad all around!

So I walked in the door and when they yelled surprise at me.. well I simply told them that I had already seen the vehicles so that was that... Anyway so what they did was have a Tupperware shower for me. Everyone put their contribution into a pot and in the end from that I had about $700+ to spend on Tupperware, which was awesome because I totally wanted the Modular Mates for in my cupboards like my mom has and a bunch of other stuff so it worked out really well! They also gave me a scrapbooked recipe binder. Everyone brought a page with their favorite recipe for me! So that was really nice...

I got the BBQ set, two plastic containers for squares etc. with out the egg thingys,

a set of Fridgesmart containers,

Stuffables Mini Set,

Modular Mates Rectangle set and then seven more of the size 2 regtangle MM

A set of the Large Spice Containers

Twistable Peeler

Marinading set

Plus she had the really large containers at home that I could get. So I got three of those, for flour etc. As well as two Mini Rectangle Modular Mates.

Two Pitchers, so ignore the cups on the picture!

Serving Centre (yes John it is spelled the Canadian way ha ha)

So that is it for now... who knows what else... I have some other things already from before so for the most part I think I have everything that I want and if not oh well I guess that is that for now.

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