Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I finally got motivated!

I started unpacking my stuff! It took me a while but then I figured I might as well start putting my clothes in drawers etc. Most of the hanging stuff was already hung :) Can't you tell what is important to me :P Anyway got that done and then started dealing with my books.. at least that got rid of some more boxes! Now I'm really going to have to start looking at everything that I have left and figure things out... other than the fanfreakingtastic 17 boxes that are all Stampin' Up! stuff :(

Trying to Deal with...

.. unpacking! :( well I'm finding out that if I thought packing up was hard I have this feeling now that unpacking is worse! grr... I want my bookcase.. need a desk... and I need storage space to put all my Stampin' Up! stuff :( 17 boxes of it to yet... I should actually take a picture and post it of the piles of boxes that I'm looking at right now, cause let me tell you not cool at all! I will survive somehow though! I should get back to our room and finish unpacking my clothes, just in no mood to after I got back from my walk this morning :(

Monday, July 27, 2009

Back to real life for me...

Well after a week of doing nothing... lets just put it this way I am having a bit of a rough time getting going this morning... LOL ;) John got up at 6:30 (craziness) for work.. and guess what I did... slept till 7:30, pretty much till the minute he walked out of the door to go to work... oops.. :) But at the same time I was tired.. and 6:30 is just crazy early to get up! Who knows eventually what will happen though.

Anyway so I figured I would post on my blog while I contemplated where I should start with all the mess and stuff that I have to deal with :( aaahhh... help me someone :) I think it will probably be the living room and moving the computer somewhere else etc. so ya from there I can go dig in boxes.. or unpack my clothes and put them where I want 'em... oh well off I go... but before I do all I can say is that it is fanfreakintastically hot here already... and it is supposed to be around 35 today...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh I'm gonna soak up the sun...

Well I think we have had more than enough sun for a little while.. considering that we spent some time out yesterday and then again today... all worth it though... I really wanted to go surfing again today but in the end we vetoed that idea and decided to just get 2 body boards for a few hours... much cheaper and easier today... considering the fact that I just wanted to lay in the sun and relax anyway. John had more fun out in the water.. since according to him he isn't worried about his tan like I am.. LOL :) So much for my perfect tan now after I have spent a whole bunch of time in the sun... and not the salon now.. :) Oh well after the wedding it isn't an issue anymore.. no dress to have to look perfect for! Oh and we went Kayaking first thing this morning for about an hour.. right now we are both relaxing so I figured it was time for a quick post..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh, gotta love surfin!

Yay! so John went and rented a hmmm I don't know what to call it.. one of those massive flutter boards... and so we each had a turn riding the waves on that.. then well I guess I should have said..when he got back with that board he went back and set us up for a surfing lesson at 2... Yay! :) So we got all dressed up in a surfing suit and off we went.. back to that wonderfully salty salty PC Ocean! :) Eeewww... We have had more than our fair share of tasting salt water now... :) If you have never experienced that well maybe you should! I'm not going to say that it is great though! Anyway off we go to find some more water... :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Quick Update

Ok, So I'm on a holiday and I still can't not do anything on my blog... but I was trying to switch all my info from my other site to here and it isn't working so a quick post.. I guess I will have to finish that when I get back home...