Monday, June 28, 2010

New Adventures.. Sewing!

Well since I've been thinking about this for a while I figure I may as well post something about it one my blog as well! I've been getting into sewing cute aprons as a side business.. Everyone that gets one/sees them tells me that I need to start selling them so that is the plan! So if you want one let me know, and we can discuss the details!

The above picture is the style of aprons that I have made so far.. there are a few more avaliable which I hope to post some pictures of soon. You pretty much either need to send me fabric or tell me what color you want.. but like I said we can figure that out once you let me know if you want one or not.. Cost does vary per apron, but generally runs from $35-40, which includes mailing in the US and Canada. Mailing costs to other places may vary :)

My Suprise visit!

Well since I couldn't post about this plan on my blog till after the fact it has had to wait :)

I had already been planning for about a month that the perfect chance to go back to AB and surprise my parents was the weekend that Janita and Leanna would come, since we were already planning to go up the next weekend! Either way the day had finally arrived that it was going to happen, trust me a bit of freaking out on my part and hard thinking but I was determined that the plan had to work out! So what did I do? Well that fine Tuesday morning as we were getting ready to walk out the door I took my home phone and made a quick call to my mom to let her know that Janita & Willard were leaving right about now. Turns out I got Brittany on the phone so I told her to tell mom what I just said. LOL :) Hoping that mom wouldn't decided halfway through the day that she needed to call me to find out what I was doing etc.

Well so anyway since a ton of crazy/funny things happend I'm going to have to write about them all because it isn't every day that a trip like this happens anymore either! So as we were leaving Willard decided that while he was putting things in the car that he was going to put his coffee mug on the roof of the car. Smart move or what? Anyway so since I was in the car before he was I just assumed that he would have taken it in with him. Turns out we found out differently in a big hurry. First little bit was alright, but as soon as I started to pick up some speed tada there went someones coffee all over the back of the car and onto the road... Janita was having a fit LOL, because it was her souvenier coffee mug from Heritage Park or something. Me: well I was like hey no biggy.. turn around and go get it again :) Willard hops out and grabs it, jumps back in the car.. drive around the block and away we go.

At least we thought away we go... we still had to get some fuel and stop by the Best Western to get mom's curling iron which she had forgotten when they were here in Sunnyside a few weeks earlier.. But first of all the story behind our stop for fuel. So Janita is busy fueling up.. and I was driving. I know the car, because obviously it used to be mine so I had better know the quirks that it has! Anyway so I left the keys in but the door wide open because I knew that if I shut the door the keys might get locked in... umm well that was all fine and well till Janita shuts the door as I tell her she had better not because if she does the keys will be locked in. (car seems to like doing that to you when it is really inconvenient)... ugh ugh and ugh.. spare is locked in the car now too.. hmmm dumb move but hey it happens to the best of us at times! So I run into the convenience store to ask if I can borrow their phone.. while I'm talking to the lady.. Janita walks in.. hey don't bother.. the passenger door was unlocked.. phew!! I could have know this would be the case because for some odd reason the drivers door will automatically lock but the other doors don't umm yup really really weird! So on we go.. quick stop in at the BW.. and then hit the road!

It was quite the day! Anyway.. so I drove most of the trip.. and by the time we hit Cranbrook I decided no stopping at Timmies because we had gotten stuck in construction and then we had finally passed a semi, that we would end up being behind if we stopped.. and I know how un-cool that is on the stretch from Cranbrook to Fernie so I guess no coffee for me :( So we get to Fernie.. and what would you know that annoying semi driver was speeding so he is right on our tail.. ugh, I guess no timmies for me there either! LOL :) So I kept on driving till the Crowsnest Pass where we quickly switched in a roadside turnout. From there Janita drove to Fort Macleod.. and then Willard drove from there till home.. just so that they could say that they had driven. When Janita and I switched I was sitting in the front..taking picture, what else would I do LOL :) Then when we got to F.M. I switched with Willard and went to sit in the back of the car so that when we drove up at "home" they wouldn't see that they had an extra person in the car!

So we pull up at home.. and I have Willard drive up to the shop so that I can get out and not have anyone see me in the house! Someone, namely Evert happened to be walking across the yard at the same time that we drove up but hey whatever.. Anyway so he gets around the corner and can't see me so I hop out and run around the corner.. haha he looks at me and gets this huge grin on his face LOL :D Then I stood in the garage and chat with him for a couple secs and I can't stand it anymore I have to go into the house and see what happens. (side note: Janita and Willard were really bummed that I didn't wait for them to be inside so they could see/hear the reaction)

I come into the house through the back hall.. and I say: "Hey Mom" she says: "what?" then I walked around the corner and she could see me.. and her jaw dropped... (haha) and she says: "what are you doing here?" bahahaha Mom.. that is a nice way to say hi to your daughter LOL :).. all in all SUCCESS!!! Anyway then I looked at my little brother Joel and I think I shocked him that most LOL, because he wasn't saying anything and just looked and looked at me.. so I go up to him and ask him if he wanted a hug.... yup he did.. so I give him one.. then he says "where's John?" LOL... so apparently it was all wrong that I showed up without John. Since normally he is used to seeing us there together first and then I stay behind... haha

Oh well that is the story of my surprise visit! :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Update #3

Well, so after my family left, a few days later, I got a phone call from "Aunt" Anne-Marie asking if I could come back to help in the greenhouses again. They needed help making colour bowls, so back to work it was for me! I went back for 1 1/2 weeks which I sure didn't mind because it gave me something to entertain myself with again before the next "set" of company came! Which was supposed to be Janita & Leanna... until Leanna came down with strep a few days before they had to come :( This made all of us really sad because we had already been planning this fun weekend together and then kaboom that went down the drain in a big hurry, on Friday when she called to say there was no way that she could come.. :sobs:  Oh well.. so then I called my mom to find out what the scoop was, Did Janita still get to come or what? Turns out, it is sure handy to have more then a few siblings LOL because she took Willard along! YAY! LOL... definitely not half as fun as having all girls over but it was nice for him as well since he hadn't been here for a visit since about a month after we got married!

So on Saturday after they showed up Willard was super tired, and Janita was sorta tired.. both a bunch of crazies that didn't get enough sleep the night before and then got up super early to spend 9-10 hours driving?! not my way of doing it but hey whatever. Anyway so Willard was sitting on one of my couches and he totally zonked out, when it was suppertime and I tried to wake him up by just saying "Willard time to eat" he didn't even re-act, poked him etc. and he would still hardly wake up.. finally he did though, but it sure was a sight to see him sitting at the table. He looked like he had no idea where he was, and what he was doing there. Then at night, we had a bunch of friends over and it was game night! We played Would You Rather which is a blast btw! If you love board games and want an idea for a good game to play with a group get Would You Rather! Makes for some hilarious discussions!

Anyway, on Monday since Willard was bored again.. I had to find something for him to do. So first we went out there and seeded my vegetable garden since that needed to be done yet and I figured hey why not get it done with some help! Once that got done, we all kinda sat around for a while, I did laundry since that needed to be done before I left since I didn't want to leave it all there in the hamper for a week. In the afternoon I decided that I had the perfect job for Willard! He could staple the fabric to the inside of my "antique" trunk since he loves to do that kind of thing! To bad that I didn't have the paint for the outside and sanding paper because then I would really have put him to work LOL :) Either way we had fun... on Monday late afternoon I went and took some pictures of Janita and Willard since Willard technically graduates from Grade 12 this year, and Janita wanted some taken of her just because. So off we went to see if we could find some neat places to take pictures, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do in mind so it was just a matter of driving around and finding that "perfect" spot to do it! We were gone for about an hour and I got some nice shots of them.. (those will be coming up on my photography blog btw). The intention was to take more in AB, but when I got there all it did was rain so no such luck! :shrugs: oh well! LOL [:)]  So that was the weekend. Now for the exciting update yet! LOL :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update #2

So after Alanna & Yvonne went home.. so the first week of May

Back to not working again.. so I had to find something to entertain myself with. Since I had started organizing the office before Alanna & Yvonne came I finished some of the stuff that was still sitting around. Which in the end it still seems like there is way to much there :(  What I did is buy some Rubbermaid totes and put our stuff that we are keeping in there and onto a shelf in the garage. We threw out a ton of stuff so it was definitely a good idea since most of it was just personal belongings/papers that we really weren't ever going to do anything with ever again anyway!

Since this has all been a while ago.. I'm sure I'm leaving things out but enough said..

The week before Mothers Day: Well I get a phone call from my mom on Wednesday night I believe.. yup we are coming for a visit... ahh LOL :) I had known it was in the plans but they just hadn't decided when, but hey I wasn't going to complain!

On Saturday since they were all bored I decided to get my dad a shovel and have him plant my flowers along the road, the kids were all excited because they were allowed to help plant them. But of course that is also the cause for problems when you don't have enough little shovels for your two little brothers and they start fighting over the one because they both want to be "big" and help dig a hole to put the plant in. We planted petunia's and geraniums in the strip along the road, which I promise I'll be posting pictures of later! Anyway lots of good times! I found the kids are also getting better at not flying around my house doing nothing etc. I think it is probably because they are getting used to it and it isn't as new and exciting as it was at first.. makes me happy anyway. (or maybe I'm getting used to having them in my little house once in a while) Either way it was super nice to see them again!

Something that I'm in love with.. a Quilt! :)

Ok.. so I admit lately I've been more than a little bit "in LOVE" with quilting again.. I'm going through and obsession with it to tell you the truth. Anyway all in good fun :) I have several quilters blogs that I follow and saw this post today and I'm completely in love with her quilt. Now I want to make one just like it.. but I can't believe that all she used to create it was thin strips of fabric.. read the blog and you'll get what I mean. The draw back of reading this... well this is going to make me save every little fun funky colored strip of fabric that I own for years so that I can make one just like it! I love the bright cheerfulness of it!

Anyway I just had to share :)

Update #1

So since I don't want to mess it all the way up I figure I'm going to try start updating from where I left off! So it was about the week after I finished in the greenhouse my friends Alanna & Yvonne came for a visit for several days! Of course what else can you expect, than the fact that we had a blast and "poor" John has to put up with all the things us Females think are funny etc! He is actually a really good sport about it and I love him all the more for it!

Anyway they came the end of April.. on the 29th to be exact which is the day of John's birthday. So makes for a busy day or what.. anyway at night we had John's family and Dan over for coffee and cake.. so fun ;) We sat around chatting and having a good time. The next day we decided that it was the day to go shopping since by the time they were out of bed and ready to go anywhere it wasn't even worth thinking about going somewhere exciting. Before we went shopping it was picture time: Pictures

It was actually a very relaxing day...we headed on to the Tri-Cities went to Walmart so I could buy some fabric for aprons. From there Alanna decided that she needed coffee, and since there is a Starbucks right close by we went and sat there and had a cup of coffee while we had a nice chat session. Then off to Maurices which turned into a huge long drawn out process as we decided to fit lots of clothes on etc. In the end that was a very sucessful stop so no complaints from any of us. Then off to the mall... we didn't spend to much time in the mall other than in JCPenny where I bought a second light and pillow for our bedroom since I still had gift cards from the wedding that needed to get used sometime!

Friday night: first we went out for Pizza close to Granger.. I had never been there before much less heard of it, even though I had driven by the place on the Freeway many a time!  It was also the night that we had a game night at Tori & Arlen's since some of the cousins from Canada were down and another family in the church had some "grandkids" visiting them. Tons of fun and games for all also making for a late evening!

On Saturday morning since I still had to go clean house, they slept in and had a riot in our little house.. baking cake for Sunday coffee since it had been John's birthday it was my turn to make something, and they were very eager to help out with the baking! At night we had another family function.. this time a "surprise" engagement party for one of John's cousins who is getting married this summer... makes for tons of family time this way..  Anyway that is about all for the exciting things that went on that weekend... other than all the pictures in general that got taken.. and I will post some of those in another post later..

I'm so behind..

Ok.. so first of all I just wanted to say that I'm waaaay behind on blogging! I'm sorry if some of you have been checking and wondering why I haven't posted lately. Anyway this Spring for a few months I was working FULL TIME! When I say FULL TIME I mean it. Monday-Friday I was working 8-4:30 and then lots of Saturdays I would work on job in the morning and do a house cleaning job in the afternoon, quickly turn around head to my house and clean/do laundry etc.  It was super busy but so nice to finally be doing something useful. Truth is I actually miss it!  Anyway so I'm going to try really hard to get my blog back up to date in the next week or so... so bear with me as all the "old" updates happen, and then updates not necessarily happening in the right sequence! LOL :)