Monday, August 27, 2012

Dr. Appointment.

I just had to come back and update that I was pretty stinking close with my guess for Taylina's weight! She was 16lbs 13 oz!! yup, we've got a growing little girl, she gained 2 lbs in the last month. I really hope she slows down, because we are having a hard time keeping her in her outfits very long! Not only that she's getting heavy to carry around.

 I've started to take her out of her carseat when we go to the store if I have John with me, or I make sure I wear my Moby wrap so I can pop her in there instead of having to deal with a carseat. Figured out a long time ago a carseat in a shopping cart isn't ideal it takes all the space needed for groceries, and I refuse to put it up on the top section.. pretty unsafe if you think about it. Not only that I can't see over it if I would put it up there!

Friday, August 24, 2012

How cute is this?

So I needed to order some of these fabulous Robeez shoes for Taylina since she has figured out how to get her socks off, by rubbing her feet together.. sigh. So much for Carter's socks staying on, because they sure don't now that she's got it figure out.

Anyway so I was looking and I ended up buying her two pairs because I came across these first:

and then I saw these and just HAD to have them for her, one problem they won't look cute with everything all the time so to end the dilemma of trying to decide which ones to buy I just bought both :)

now the part that got me was the back...
The front is adorable with the windmill and bike, but the back with the dutch flag now that we just couldn't pass up! :)

Why is baby stuff so much fun? You could go broke on all the cute stuff... sigh :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday - Digital Downloads Day

Yay I'm super excited about some of the downloads today! I love the Knots and Ties Trim and can't wait to purchase it, and the Noel greeting cards template is a must have as well. You can check them out here..

Now that I've got a laptop again and I actual got my info off of my old one which was a nice surprise that means I need to get back to creating again. I keep telling myself I need to get started on Taylina's album, so maybe one of these days! :) 

I also need to finish a page for an anniversary album for my grandparents, hopefully that is one of the files I got back from the ones that were on my old laptop because I had it pretty much ready to go, it just needs an up to date family picture and then I need to get it printed. 

That all being said I'm off to go cut up some peppers and bag them for the freezer. As well as some beans and kale... love having fresh veggies out of the garden! :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Well it has been a while since I've posted a personal update on here. Seems like once you have a baby they take most of the free time you've got and what they don't take that means you try to straighten the house up while baby is sleeping. The fact that I'm working full-time as well doesn't help. 

Anyway, so things are going well here.. we are enjoying our precious little daughter. She is so much fun. A few weeks ago she found her thumb and now she loves to suck on it when she is going to sleep or tired. Then she rolled from her tummy to her back and a few days later from her back to her tummy. She has also discovered her toes first she spent just a week staring at them when ever she was sitting in her Super Seat or in her bouncy chair, now she pulls her legs up so she can grab them. So much fun, cute, and adorable stuff. I know I keep thinking to myself that it's unreal how cute she is and such a blessing. We are definitely enjoying every minute of our time with her! 

Well.... until she doesn't sleep at night like I'd like her to but it all comes with it. My mom gave me this fabulous book to read, it is called Loving the Little Years ~Motherhood in the Trenches, by Rachel Jankovic. I definitely recommend this book, very helpful and it really helps put things into perspective and makes those night time feedings not so bad after all. 

Other than that our daughter is growing like a "weed". We'll find out how much she weighs next Wednesday at the Dr.s but I wouldn't be shocked in the least if it's in the 16-17lbs range. We'll see how good my guess is :) Now here's a picture of her 

My Digital Studio 2

If you haven't already purchased your copy of MDS, you can do so today. Start out with our free trial version so you don't have to wait to start creating. Then contact me to purchase your very own copy of MDS 2. After all who doesn't enjoy making a great scrapbook for their family? 

Watch the following You Tube video to see a few of the different possibilities that MDS 2 has to offer you.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It digital downloads day!

I love Tuesdays, I'm always so excited to see what new downloads Stampin' UP has come out with again. This week as always, it never fails, they've got some fun downloads that are on my list to buy! Here is the link so you can go ahead and check them out as well.

If you haven't already done so you'll want to purchase the newest version of MDS - MDS2, you'll love all the possibilities that MDS2 gives you. I know I love mine and I've barely had time to use it yet! Head on over to my website and order yours today!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Digital downloads

I know I've missed a few of these... "digital download days". It doesn't help that I dropped my laptop and it was done for so we had to buy a new one.. in the mean time that takes a while so I was without for almost 2 weeks. Other than that having a baby and working also has a way of making life super busy so it seems like blogging has had to take the back seat :( So sad.. I miss blogging and wish I had more time to do so. Hopefully as T get's older it'll become easier! 

All that being said here is the link for today's digital downloads: