Monday, August 17, 2009

favours - May 8

Well I started on making the stuff for them tonight.. and no I'm not posting a picture of the finished project... sorry.. you will all have to wait till the wedding/after to see that. Anyway I will post pictures of "Favour Operation" ha ha.. anyway so we just did a bunch of cutting paper tonight for that and well I guess I need to buy some other stuff for them yet which is fine.. just will take some time to do that.. and another order of paper stuff....

Seriously I can't believe the amount of stuff that goes into all this wedding stuff... I'm thinking that if I start adding the amount of money I have spent on paper etc I will freak out a bit.. cause I did a rough estimate at work today and it wasn't good!

Who knows I may do so after the wedding cause then it won't make a difference anymore and I won't care.. right now I sorta do!

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