Monday, August 17, 2009

Another check - jun 29

Well tonight I got the ceremony music all figured out.. Went to Gerard's house and had him play a few pieces.. to get an idea. then to the church so I could hear it on the church organ.

The list is as follows..

Before service:

He will probably just play a variety but this is what we kinda said...

something with a variation on:

- Psalter 255 - probably for when John brings in Oma's and Mom's etc.

- Psalter 56

- Psalter 261

Then for the Bridesmaids as they walk in:

- Psalter 315


- Psalter 409

Signing of the Marriage Documents in Church:

- Psalter 449 - actually a dutch psalm piece which I really like


- Psalter 404 - with the chimes

So that is about the list.. for some reason I feel like I missed something but oh well no the hugest deal anyway.

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