Monday, August 17, 2009

Wedding Nightmares funny or not... July 15

K, so I have hardly had any all the way through till I don't know a week ago... and then I don't even remember what that one was about.. but last night oh let me tell you it was kinda funny!

So our hairdresser is supposed to be at my house at 6:00 a.m. all fine and dandy... then I don't know for some reason I had to go away somewhere instead for my hair and it took way longer than it was supposed to... so it was like 10:20 and I still didn't have my dress on and my hair was half done.. no make-up... arrrghh... anyway so then I quickly put my dress on and had to finish my make-up in the vehicle on my way to church. The hairdresser finished my hair just before I had to walk down the aisle.. and everything was fine...

Let me tell you that is total craziness.. and I am still laughing about it because it is so funny! So I just though I would share with you all

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