Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One Year - In Loving Memory

Well today has brought back many thoughts and sad memories of what happened last year! Last year, early in the morning I got a phone call from my mom/dad letting us know that Opa had passed away early that morning. Being back in Alberta this past weekend especially had it's difficult moments since being on the farm there is so many things that you see that Opa always did. This of course makes the empty place in the family very noticable, I think especially for me since I'm not there everyday then I tend to notice/feel it more when I do go "home".

When we went to visit Oma, it is always hard because it is so noticable. Opa's chair is empty, you expect him to be there, to hear him say something and then he isn't which makes it hard. Also seeing her so sad and alone doesn't make it any easier! I am so glad that I was able to be there at Christmas time to see her, and let her know how much I still care. It also helps fill her day somewhat as well which is good.

Thursday night after we got there I gave her a quick call to let her know that we had arrived safely, and then asked if we could stop by the next morning. So Friday morning first thing we went to see her for about an hour, and then in the afternoon I went again without John for a while, since it is easier for her to speak dutch. Saturday afternoon she came to eat lunch at Mom and Dad's with all of us, then in the evening, Christmas Day, we went to eat dinner there with Tanya & Jacob. This of course helped fill her day a little as well. On Monday evening she stopped by, and of course we had to say good-bye since we were going to be leaving the next morning :(  So in the end I actually saw her quite a few times when I was there, which isn't to hard since she lives right next door to my parents as well.

Now at the end of this post I do want to mention one last thing. I can't believe that it has been a year since I received my permanant resident status, that very same day. I still have to say that it all seemed to have worked out in such an amazing way. Especially because that was the last thing I expected, being able to go to my Opa's funeral was the last thing I thought would happen, but amazingly it did.. I do think that the 29th is always going to be a day full of memories especially because so many things happened in such a short time. It makes me think of this text:

Isaiah 55:8-9 (King James Version)
For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Finally I've also added a picture of Opa & Oma with us on our wedding day.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Well I'm not going to spill all the details on my blog yet, but I was really excited when the UPS man delivered my box of Stampin' Up! yesterday evening. As all demonstrators can before the mini comes out, I pre-ordered a few things from the Occassions Mini that comes out in January. Anyway, now comes the fun part! Challenging myself to come up with ideas for the card swap that I'm participating with several other demonstrators for ideas. Since I cleaned up most of the "mess/clutter" in my office the other day that means today is "HAPPY STAMPIN' DAY" :)

So I'm sure that everyone is super curious now, and that is a good thing! I'm going to leave it at this so that you will all really be excited when I finally show you what I came up with and what the sets look like!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Not feeling it?!?

Well, lately even though I've been doing a ton of bazaars/vendor/craft shows I haven't really been feeling the need to be spending a lot of time stamping. That isn't to say that I don't, but for some reason I just seem to have lost my mojo for a while, my stampin' mojo to be exact! I have made several projects lately as I'm sure you've seen a few of them on my blog so it is still there like it always is... but it just isn't the same. The reason I've been thinking about this lately is because I have several projects that I really should finish but they just don't seem to be getting there as quickly as I would like them too.. the biggest one being my wedding scrapbook.

Now I'm sure some of you may be wondering what I do to get the excitement back full force, so today I thought I would share what gets me going. I find that when I hit this slump the thing that gets me going again is listening to SU! video's online, for new products/techniques that are coming avaliable in our next mini catalogue. This time is definitely no exception, I'm definitely excited about some of the new fun products that we will be offering starting in January, and after watching a few video's today I am ready to tackle my stamping room tomorrow and start making things happen!

The truth about my stamping passion is that generally I find that somewhere along the line things kinda slow down and I don't spend as much time stamping and a month or so later I will be back at it. Which is ok with me because I usually find that I get ideas in the mean time. Right now I'm going through a bit of a slump but I still create whenever I feel the need or happen to need a card for an event. In the end no matter what happens that creativity is always there waiting to be unleashed!

The good thing about hitting the slump now and not later is... I've got several different events coming up in January that I'm going to have to prepare for. Baby Shower Invites to be made, decor for the baby shower especially since I have some fun ideas and I can't wait to make them happen! As well as several more workshops that I'm so excited to schedule for January, and of course since most of them will happen during Sale-A-Bration which makes it all the more exciting for my customers as well!

Anyway now that I've share this little tid-bit with you I'm off to bed so that I'm ready to tackle tomorrow head on! Also if you would like to see some of these exciting projects that I will be creating stick around and you will see them, or book your own workshop with me so that you can have fun with your own friends and get some ideas as well! Happy Stampin'!


Well on Saturday after lunch our snow/rain storm started. Apparently for the typical weather here, it was a weird snowstorm since the snow didn't melt right away, especially since it was above freezing. It was super wet sticky, slushy snow which was fun. Anyway John decided that he was going to go out and shovel our sidewalk, but then when he was out there our neighbour offered to do ours since we have done his the last few times it snowed. So then when he didn't have to do that he figured why not build a snowman. After we got home later that night I took a picture, even though it was dark out, and it turned out it was sure a good thing that I did then rather than waiting till the morning! When I got up in the morning almost more than half the snow was already melted! :(

So here are the pics....

and the next morning.. poor mr. snowman had already fallen over, our plan for the next time it snows it to build him right on the wall leaning forward so that he will fall forward, just like Humpty Dumpty LOL :)

and today... it looks like we didn't even have a major snowstorm :(

Thursday, December 09, 2010

More Digital-ly designed cards

Well, I've really started to get the hang of messing around in My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up! and am definitely loving every minute of it! After I did Christmas cards last year I didn't really touch it for a while, but then I started working on a photobook with wedding pictures for my parents. Which for the record isn't done yet, but it is a huge job! Then this year I designed our card which I already shared with you, and several cards for a friend so she had some options to pick from, as well as a two designs for my mom as of Monday. So now the part that I know you are all waiting for, the cards!

So those are the cards that I came up with for my mom, she ended up picking the first one, and just a little tip, if you are getting a 5x6 card printed, MDS (My Digital Studio) only has cards sized 5x7 so make sure you work with that extra inch allowance on the sides. That is why it has a bigger space on the one side.

Now for the cards that I designed for my friend.

So there they are, I'm sure I could come up with many more ideas, but for now since I don't have to I'm not going to!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Etching - Candle jars

Well at the Christmas Party that I attended at Becky's house on Saturday we etched a candle jar. You can buy one for very cheap in the dollar store so this project doesn't have to cost you a fortune either! Etching cream, well that is a bit of a different story but for a decent sized pot that will last you forever.. once you do the math it really isn't to bad! You will just be finding lots of things you can etch LOL :)

Anyway so what you will need:

- candle jar/glass container
- foam brush
- big shot/die
- vinyl
- etching cream

So what Becky had done for us was cut out shapes using out Bigz dies, she had flowers or the Latice die, as well as round or square jars. We peeled the backing off and put the vinyl onto the jar, then we went to apply etching cream over the vinyl. Let it dry for 10 minutes, and then washed it off with warm water as well as peel the vinyl off of our jars.

So here is the end result for mine:
Now as you can see mine isn't perfect, etching is an art that takes some practice so that you don't get streaks etc. So generally the first one is practice and from there you get better!

Now after I made this I thought to myself, how cute would it be to do one with snowflakes for winter/Christmas? So that is another fun idea!

Monday, December 06, 2010

My to do list: changes

Well my list is already shrinking! YAY! :) So here is what I've completed and then below that what still needs to be done!

1. Mail out Stampin' Up! items for customers
2. Mail out Nestie Gifts
3. Find a gift for exchange on Saturday
4. Go take some fun winter pictures, before the snow disappears (which it shouldn't if it stays coldish like it is now)
5. Make Croquetten! yummy, I'm already craving them! LOL :)

So I feel pretty good about that because I've got a pretty good start already! :) Now for the rest that still needs doing!
1.Mail out Christmas Cards
3. Sew aprons
4. Sew Nursing Cover-ups(for gifts), and to sell on Etsy (already got one done,  now just the last one)
5. Finish Crochetting Hat
6. Finish current Quilt
7. Get family calender designed/printed!

So I guess still quite the list but at least it got shorter!!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Another ONE LAYER card!

Well I seem to be on a roll with "one layer" cards. Ever since I was challenged to come up with something, lately, I find that the one of the first ideas to cross my mind is.. hmm what could I do for a one layer card that is simple and I can use "this" stamp set for!

Anyway here is tonights card, I made them for a swap tomorrow with a group of Stampin' Up! demo's that live in the area. Tomorrow is the groups Christmas Party, and since I've kinda been adopted by them I am allowed to attend any events that she puts on for her group. This is great especially because my upline lives 2 1/2 hours away from me! So... enough said, and enough rambling, here are some pictures!

So as you can see very simple, two stamps and a ribbon to finish it all off!

Thursday, December 02, 2010


Well I finally decided to take a picture of our house in the snow, before all the snow melts again! Anyway I'm still kicking myself for not doing it a few days ago when there was snow everywhere, and frost on all the trees etc which made everything look so pretty! I'm really sad that things are starting to melt though, because that means that the snow's life here is short lived, once again :( Yes, I LOVE SNOW, and I know some of you reading this are thinking.. seriously?! what is wrong with her?! haha :) but you don't know what you miss until you hardly get any of it in a winter, and it just isn't the same without it! I'm saying that from experience now!
Also since I don't think I've posted a picture of the house after we painted the outside this fall now you can see what we did ;)