Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finally decided it was time

I have been planning to do this for the last while but finally figured it was time to do it! So after work today I went to a few different places, to check out tuxes etc. Found out that I can scratch off a bunch of places. That definitely makes my life easier! So two more places and then I guess it comes down to decision time...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Am I crazy for thinking...

.. that a limo would be pretty sweet to have for the afternoon of our wedding? Well at first when I started looking this afternoon I thought I might be but after doing some calling around etc. I don't know if it was after all... hmm now time to go figure it out eventually! The biggest thing was some places are willing to go the extra mile and give you a discount cause it is on a week day, whereas others don't even talk about that! Kinda interesting.. oh well I guess we will see what we do! I kinda like the idea of a limo.. no one has to drive and that is great... just relax and have fun!
For those of you who want well this is the company that offered the best deals... check out their website:

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh I can't wait - jan 24

.. I actually ordered my shoes! One thing less that needs doing later so that is great! Now I can't wait till I get to see them which is a while... :)  Oh well at least they are ordered and that is taken care of!

Yay! one more thing almost done!

Well now that I went to Flare n' Flowers this morning, I have most of the flowers figured out.. BM's Bouquets n mine.. Boutineer for John... hmm not quite for the guys and family yet.. but we have ideas we just need to see, and she was going order some of the flowers in so I have more of an idea, of what she was thinking... Which works for me.. after all I'm ahead of the game as far as most things go anyway!
Now for all of you who are really curious.. well I guess you will just have to wait and see! :) LOL I have been telling a lot of people that the last while so it is kinda funny, but really true! Now off to figuring out some of this shoe stuff!

Friday, January 23, 2009

oops! - Jan 23

hee hee.. I just looked and I have it posted 2 times already that I'm going to have to try get the tuxes thing figured out... oops! Well that means next week forsure!

Trying to get things Figured out..

Well I said (to John) that I was going to try get tuxes figured out this week... Dream on!! After this incredibly insane week... and then I can't remember what I am going to do and make other arrangements... Oh well! Next week it is going to happen and now it will... it is on my blog now after all, so if I don't well to many people will be asking me questions! So, that is one assignment for next week!
Like I said in my main blog post I didn't have a whole lot to do today.. (other than minutes..) I have been busy doing other things, such as phoning a few different places on hotel rates for our wedding night! Since John told me that was up to me to figure out... which I don't mind, and it is kinda interesting! I called 3 different places and now I have 3 different quotes... but I'm not making any final decisions until I have seen the rooms, apparently that is possible so that is what I'm probably going to do first and then decide.. roundly ignoring prices :) LOL! After all it is our wedding night! (btw I say ignore but I know that is hard to do!)

Monday, January 19, 2009

grrr... I'm frusterated... - Jan 19

.. why do shoes have to be so expensive... even the ones that I want now are going to cost me more than I want them to because of having to ship them over the border if I want them :( I think I'm going to see if I can find them here in Canada for a good deal.. otherwise I will have to either keep looking or get over it and order them anyway! But $17 for shipping is just a little to crazy... I would send them to John but I know he is really curious about a lot of stuff so not really going to happen.. Not that he would look, but things happen.... I know all to well right now with my dress, and my little sisters not being allowed to see it! I'm sure they have tried to sneak a peak more than once and have possibly seen some if it when they weren't supposed to! Oh well... that is my rant for now!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yay! I have my Tiara!

Well after work yesterday, I went to Once Upon a Bride and bought my tiara, finally! I'm so excited now but I wish I had my veil as well... one of these days that means a trip up to Calgary to Beautiful Bride to go pick that up! hmmm now just need to find some shoes but I need to decide which ones I really want! I have 4 different pairs that I like but I haven't been able to decided which ones to order, I have eliminated one pair because I don't think I could walk on them all day! I'm going to post a picture of the shoes I'm not going to get.. but I still like them!
Coloriffics Women's Godiva Pump
Ok so these are Coloriffics, and I love them but I don't like them because they don't have the ankle strap, so nope they are so not the ones! It helps that I still have time but I will probably end up ordering them online since it is a lot cheaper... the shoes above could cost me $90 in the Bridal shop and almost $35-$40 difference online at, so if that says anything!

New Catalogue

Ok, so I have received my box of Catalogues, and am very excited about some of the changes as well as new products! You can always ask me for a catalogue, or go onto my website in February and place your first online order, and receive your copy free!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Plans So far - jan 12

Ok, so many of you already know.. but I just figured I would mention it again... the official date is July 17, 2009. Yes if you look at my main page... I have a countdown going...
- Well I have my dress... just needs some changes.. but that is all I can say as for what it looks like well you just need to wait for the day!
- Bridal Party: Janita - my Maid of Honour - Sister
Alanna - Bridesmaid - Friend
James - John's Best Man - Brother
Jeff - Groomsman/Usher - Brother
- Colors for BM Dresses - the main color will be coral and then the sash will be chocolate brown and light pink. hmmm I know you will be puzzled now, but that is all I'm telling you.... come to the ceremony and you will see!
- Invitations - Well I'm started but for the rest well you will have to one other than a select few get to see them before they go out in the mail etc.
- Favours - Well I have a very good idea of what I'm making.. just not ready for that yet!
- Napkins - Yes I'm making my own fancy Napkins - don't ask how just wait and find out later!
- Flowers - I have a good idea of what I want just don't know if I can get the flowers I want in the right colors.. I need to get over there and get it all figured out yet!
- Tuxes - Well I know what I want... just need to get out there THIS WEEK and get it all figured out! grr.. to much to do to little time!
uummm is that everything?? I don't know.. to much stuff... but I will let you know as we go!

Just one quick thing - Jan 12

Yes John, you may look but I'm going to say this right now... I'm not posting anything that you aren't allowed to see!! So don't get your hopes up!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm so Excited

I was just checking the updates from the Leadership Conference on my Demonstrator Web page.. and it looks like they are coming up with tons of new exciting products etc.
One of them will be a Digital Scrapbooking program, using our exclusive colors etc. as well as some other fabulous options! Check out my Website regularly to see what they come up with! In February your first order through my website will get you a FREE Catalogue!

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Well eventually I will get some info posted here... umm obviously I'm not going to post a bunch of stuff until we get closer to the wedding... and other stuff.. well absolutely not till after the wedding :)