Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Digital Downloads a day late

Sorry that I'm a day late... some days things are just too hectic and yesterday was one of those. I became an Auntie again on Monday/Tuesday morning and so we went to meet our new nephew in the hospital yesterday evening.. anyway as a result things were a little crazy so I didn't get around to this. Figured that you would like to have the link even though it is late :) 

Here it is:

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Digital Downloads

Since it's late and I'm tired.. I'm not going to say much.. but here is the link for the new digital downloads :) Enjoy! 

Baby's mind..

.. well as they say baby's tend to have a mind of their own, honestly I already knew that. Once you have your own baby though and have to care for the 24/7 you just find out how much that saying really means! Last night was a prime example of that saying. T decided that at 2:30ish she wanted to eat.. okay that's fine. Usually I feed her and put her back in bed within 1/2 hour and no big deal she sleeps for a few more hours. Well last night she decided that she didn't want to be sleeping when I put her down in her bassinet.. within 5 minutes she was having a fit, crying etc. So I picked her up thinking maybe she had a burp or something.. well, I tried burping her again.. nothing. Tried rocking her and humming since she really likes that and usually goes to sleep then.. nope she wanted nothing to do with rocking or humming. So fine we feed her some more, maybe she is still hungry.. so she eats some more. Then I went to lay down and feed her since I'm tired and figure maybe she'll go to sleep if we are laying down. Fat chance.. so I'm at my wits end. Finally I had John take her for a while. Well he had her for 1/2 hour and she wouldn't settle and was still wide awake. I ended up taking her again.. feeding her some more and she finally, yes FINALLY fell asleep.. after being up for somewhere between 2 1/2-3 hours. Needless to say, yes she had a mind of her own and poor mom!

Then off to work I went today, and because I was so tired what did I forget that it is Tuesday which means digital downloads.. so off I go to make another post with the link :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Digital Downloads Day

Once again it is the day for digital downloads. I'm super excited that the blooms are available in the bright colors, as well as several of the other great downloads. They are definitely ending up on my list of ones to order, and believe me that list is growing! :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

China Cabinet

So excited to finally be able to say that I have a china cabinet. I had a few boxes of china but nowhere to put them out so they were still in the box. 2 weekends ago we went to a local store and bought this super cute china cabinet, and last Saturday John finally went to pick it up. I absolutely love it and got out my china right away and put it in there, LOL :) This morning I got the wine/martini glasses out and put them in the cabinet. Now I just want John to get a board to cut and put it in the bottom part of the cupboard. There is more than enough space for a shelf in there and there isn't one so I figure because I can use the extra storage space I'm going to make sure I have another shelf put in! Anyway... enough rambling, here is a picture of the china cabinet. 

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Ruffled Shower Curtain

Making a ruffled shower curtain had been in the plans for my downstairs bathroom for a long long time. Actually ever since we moved to this house a good year ago, it just never happened. Between everything going on it just was a someday project. Well about 2 months before Lil T was born I cut all my fabric into strips and sewed them into super long strips. They were all ready to get serged for the bottom seam and do the basting stitch to the top edge and then sew them onto another shower curtain. I cut the top part of the shower curtain off and sewed it onto the clear shower curtain. I used 3 boxes of fat quarter fabric from Stampin' Up. Sadly this fabric is now retired, but I still wanted to share. Obviously you could do this with any of our current fabric selections so have a peak in the catalog and see if there is something you might want to use. Or simply be inspired! :) In case you were wondering the strips were 3" strips.

P.S. A huge thank you to my sister J who sewed this for me during the time she spent helping out after T was born. :) Yes, I just admitted that I didn't do the sewing myself for this project.

Digital Downloads Tuesday

Once again some more new digital downloads. This week we have the new In Color DSP so make sure you buy that because you will definitely want to have them if you have upgraded your MDS to the newest version, that way you can coordinate your projects! I'm so excited about all the In Color's this year, that is definitely not always the case!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Family/newborn shoot scrapbook

 Since I have decided that I'm going to try stay on top of my scrap booking for Taylina's albums I figured I better get started! So we started with finishing an album of the pictures from our family/newborn shoot. Here it is: