Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm sorta excited

... I get to go for dress fitting #1 tomorrow morning. It will be interesting to see how that turns out, seeing that mom & I didn't quite see eye to ey on somethings.. but I'm sure in the end we will get it figured out.. It might take some debating but hey eventually... as long as it turns out the way I want it to we will be happy.. and I guess otherwise we get rid of the change.. LOL :) (we'll have to see about that).
Some of you might ask why only sorta excited.. well that could be another whole story.. to put it simply.. mom & I didn't agree on all the alterations... and it is my dress after all.. I don't want to argue with mom but it might come down to that if I really don't like something... we'll have to see.. The only thing that sucks about this is that I really am not going to start mentioning things about the dress because that makes it harder not to say to much... grrrr... I'm so excited and love it and that makes it hard not to say anything.. oh well I guess we are right around the 4 month mark now so it finally seems to be starting to seriously.. countdown!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hey, I thought about blogging the pictures here but... I think I will wait till I get my disc with them since they will be clearer. For now I did post three different e-pics in my Engagement Picture folder.. which turns out to contain other pictures as well..
We had Sherilyn take pictures the weekend John was here, just so we had some nice pictures.. not that the others weren't but this way we could try her out and then have a chance to look at some wedding pics since she is taking ours etc. etc. Anyway that is all for now!

am I loosing it?

I used to know exactly how many days it was too the big day.. but lately I'm usually off by several days if not a week.. :( I don't really check it every day anymore either, since I usually have other things on the go. Anyway I guess that can't be helped.. but we are getting closer that is all that matters...

Yes... I have my box now!

that I went to Lisa last night for a meeting, I got my box so I can go box my ink pads and that way they will stay in a neat little place just for them. The other night I actually boxed up a bunch of my stuff since I have a pile of retired stuff that I don't use right now when I'm demoing because I can't sell it... So one big box down.. but that just made me realize how much more it will take on my part to get it all packed and moved.. and that made me really sad! I guess I will have to see what I can figure out. It was mostly paper that I packed and that packs pretty tight it is my stamp sets that has me worried... I guess I need to dig through them now already and see what I would be using.. then again I do have alot of paper as well... I guess I will cross that bridge when I get there!

Friday, March 06, 2009

I actually started working on...

... my invite's again....finally! I know there isn't really a time crunch on yet but I might as well get it done ahead of time if I can, since I do have other things to get done. The only issue is the printer... of course when you decide to go work on something like that there has got to be a toner that runs low... grrrr.. so now I have to wait for that, or go buy one myself, which might be just as easy... I might just do that, since that way I can print more sheets off... otherwise I guess I just start with what I have, which will work for a little while as well.

Someone made my Day!

.. even though that was yesterday I'm still really happy about it. My upline Lisa emailed me saying she had found a Stamp Pad box in her Craft room as she was packing, so if I still wanted one I could have it... yay! no more crappy ink pads kicking around that won't stay on the pile, now I can nicely box them up. YES!!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

yay! one less thing to do!

Well slowly but surely my list is getting smaller... On Saturday we went and got the tuxes figured out. So that worked for me... I told John it was his choice as to what he wanted so it was kinda funny watching him trying to decided... in the end with some help from his mom... but it worked out good, at least I didn't have to decided, and I really didn't want to either so that was good!