Monday, August 04, 2008


Well since I have been really busy since I have got home I just need to clarify on some things that I have posted! I got home Monday afternoon around 2:30 and have been running around ever since! Monday night I had a downline meeting, so I got home and had to unpack everything so that they would be able to see it all! Then on Tuesday.. I did have the extra day off of work but as always there is a lot to do! Anyway so back to work it is today! :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

General Session Day 3

OK, I know I am home now but I just want to post what happened on Day 3 for us! We first had classes in the morning... but they didn't start till 8:30 and smart people that we were we get out of bed at the same time as we did the other days?? Don't ask what was wrong with us... honestly our brains weren't functioning at this point anymore! :)  Then in the afternoon we had another main session on stage with Shelli and other Stampin' Up! staff!! Which was amazing.. at the end of the day we watched on of the commercials that someone had submitted and the UPS guy came and brought something.. and lo and behold what happens the door bell went in the convention centre and in walks... a UPS guy! Then Shelli told him that maybe she would be able to help him! On the box it said that is was for everyone! So well all got a Ronald McDonald stamp set! This was paid for by UPS!! YAY! Still can't get over that!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

General Session Day 2

Well, after another long day here goes again! Today we first had general session in the morning with Shelli and she told us about some of the awesome new products they will be offering us, to help grow our businesses! They will be selling the Sizzex-Big Shot, cutting system to us with exclusive stampin up images etc.!! I can't wait to get mine... I know I am so ordering on but that is only because I won a prise today that I need it for!! They also showed us more but this is all I will say for now!
In the mean time I have almost finished packing and will be heading 1/2 way home tomorrow... LOL:) That is I will be spending the weekend at John's and flying home bright and early on Monday morning! I can't wait to share what I have learn't with my downline!! I am feeling slightly overwhelmed tonight and don't know how much more info I can get thrown at me!! I do have on more swap that I signed up for tomorrow but after that I am done!! YAY! Believe it or not my goal was to be done with general swapping this morning and YAY I made it!! I'm glad because that means the last few (which are only 6x6 pages will be easy to pack)
I can't get over how much I will be spending for convention!! Absoulutely way to much but in the end not to bad!! But for me it is after what I have learn't.. somethings just happen though! Anyway I am going to go to bed now!! Update on the rest may happen tomorrow if I have time otherwise it will be when I get home!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Thrusday, General Session Day 1

YAY!! After the first day of convention the excitement is just building and building!! We had a main session, at which Shelli(CEO of Stampin' UP!) told us what some of the new things are... and how much she loved us for what we do for the company... then all the demos who had their 5th, 10th, and 15th anniversary years walked up on stage!! So Lisa got to go for that... YAY, Lisa!! :) And then we had some more things unveiled to us... but I'm not going to ruin that surprise quite yet :) We also got to see some more of the Decor Elements... so that was PHASE 2 ... let me tell you if you are excited about phase 1.... it only gets better but they don't come out till the fall sometime! Then we had lunch and swaps... that we signed up for that is! After lunch we had 2 business classes... let me tell you I have not climbed that many stairs in a long long time!!! (or walked as much as I have in the last few days either) And then... yay we got to go do make n' takes... 1/2 of them... so tomorrow we do the rest ;) No pictures today... since I didn't really take any and then I also have my 8MB card in my camera at the moment! ;)

Yay! I'm in SLC

So I made it to my hotel.. but I had internet issues last night so that is why I didn't post to my blog! Anyway I am going to post a few pictures that I took when we were flying in! So far I have been having a good time.... I got to meet a bunch of other demo's at the airport already... and then there was a group that I swapped with last night already so things are going just great!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


OK, everyone.. so I leave for Convention tomorrow afternoon! I will be flying from Calgary at 4:20...should be a blast! I'm hopeing that the weather is nice and the sky clear so I can get some sweet pictures from the plane! I am taking a laptop along so you will be getting regular updates thoughout the week! Now I just need to get a memory card for my camera that I can actually use with the laptop.. not my huge 8MB one! I will have to see if I can snitch my sis'...