Monday, February 22, 2010

Someday dream items..

Well it's official I have my first American job.. which means that I will hardly be at home during the day anymore.. but at the same time that is alright I'm not complaining! The fact that I will be earning money has me dreaming.. LOL :) There are certain things that I really want.. and other things that I am going to have to wait to get.. since most of the money is going to go into savings for a someday house, car, etc.

In the mean time I can dream...

Dream #1 is joining Stampin' Up here in the U.S. so I can sell stuff here as well :

Dream #2 is a new zoom lens for my camera, and a flash diffuser.. which is going to happen soon since I'm going to be taking pictures for a wedding

Dream #3 is having now car payments and student loan payments left.. I have a feeling this could take a while, so before that dream happens I think we are going to be looking for a repossesed house that we can get for a really good price and turn around and sell it again to earn some money to re-invest.. and help pay off some of our loans. Currently we are taking a course from Rich Dad Poor Dad and are learning about Good Debt vs Bad Debt as well as learning what a good investment is, how to go about investing etc etc.

So another part of the course is playing the Cashflow e-game which is actually kinda how things work in real life. It is all about teaching you how to get out of the Rat Race!!

So other than that.. there are more dreams but I'm not going to start listing them all because the list could go on for a long long time!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Apron Mania!!

So what have I been working on sewing the last while?!? Aprons!! LOL

First of all the one that I made for a friend as a Christmas gift:

Then one for a Bridal Shower gift for one of John's Cousins girlfriend:

.. and then also the one that I'm working on for a fellow Nestie!!

My First Doily!

Well officially I finished my first doily on Tuesday night. Then yesterday afternoon I went to Oma to ask her how to finish it (called starching it and stretching). So below you can see the results of that!
Then, the final result!
n' then last but not least... on my coffee table that I made it for!

So after having worked on if for about 4 months I am pretty happy that I got it done!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rock the Dress Pictures

So that is all I've got for now.. more coming.. plus info with it.. rather than writing about it late at night..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jean's altered into a denim skirt!

Well Katrina and I decided that we needed to buy some super cute jeans that had cute pockets to alter into a cute skirt! LOL :) so here is the end result for mine!

So there you go.. front, side, and back pictures!! :) I'm really happy with the end result.. which means that I may just be doing this more often.. cause you can hardly go wrong when the jeans only costed you $12, thanks to Platos Closet!!

Monday, February 01, 2010

"Love at Home" Quilt/Table runner

Whoot whoot! So finally decided that it was time to get this done :) I started two fridays ago with cutting and worked on it here and there. Actually last week I almost got done, but then kinda got busy with some other little things. Anyway so I decided that today had better be the day that I get the top of it sewn together. It has ended up being slightly bigger than I thought as well as it is square which I didn't think it was going to be either LOL :)

So there it is.. I'll have to post a picture once I'm all done quilting it as well. I'm planning to quilt it myself this time so we will see how that goes..