Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fun In Leavenworth!

Well, gotta give the story about our trip I supposed otherwise everyone will wonder! :P So on Monday afternoon Leanna arrived to spend a few days here! Yay! anyway so Friday night we had to decide where we were going to go.. shopping in Portland, Oregon, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, or Leavenworth, hmm or even possibly Seattle... in the end we finally decided that Leavenworth seemed to be the place to go see!

So we got up at about 7 in the morning.. had breakfast and were on the road at about 8.. not bad eh? anyway so then we drove for a good 2 hours.. through some fantastic construction.. what else could you expect in the summer! and got there around 10ish.. Then it was time to stroll around and check out all the stores! So in and out we went.. till we got to the Hat Shop! :)

Well we had a ton of fun.. as you can tell! Especially in the Hat Shop! :)

From the hat shop we went to.. another shop where they had a knight.. oh ya we had to have some pictures with him :P

From there we went and walked around some more... saw someone dressed in the traditional clothing several times as well..

and I have to show everyone this.. it is a fantastic sign I wondered what I would have done if it was cheaper.. it was like 14 dollars though and I wasn't about to pay that for it....

Then we found a store that had a music box.. well let me tell you Leanna was excited! Talk about something that would cost a fortune though.. we are talking like 10 grand here...

They will let you hear it though.. so we asked and got to listen.. then the lady in the store told us we could feel the music if we put our hand on the side...

and back out to the street we went.. wandered around for a while and then decided that it was lunch time.. so we went for lunch in the Mozart Cafe..

Later we realized that by sitting on the balcony like we did we missed out on the nice music :(

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