Thursday, November 17, 2011

What's new with me?!

Well, where should I start.

Sewing: First of all I think I've got way to much going on right now. I'm feeling somewhat stressed out because I have 5 sewing projects that all need to be done by the middle of next week. Not sure how or when I'm going to get them finished but I suppose I will be. A time frame that is given is kinda important. Or, maybe I'll be sitting at home sewing on Thanksgiving Day instead of hanging out with the family! (I'd rather not, but it's a possibility)

Working: Namely house cleaning, this is something I started doing not because I love it.. in fact it definitely isn't one of my favorite things to do for others. The other side of the story is it brings in more money than most jobs would where I live, and I have the convenience of not having to justify buying a second vehicle. I think the vehicle part makes my hubby the happiest :) Anyway... so the house cleaning, well after having lived here for 2+ years and looking around and hardly finding anything. Last week I got 2 phone calls within a day that they were looking for someone. Of course right now I'm not super excited about looking for more things to do because, some days the little things that I need to do are already overwhelming! The good thing, I have a new sister-in-law who needs something to do as well, so we are going to clean this place together :) Get it done in half the time, we both make some money, and we have company while we are working. Seems like good enough of a plan to me!

Baby related: I've been feeling baby move around for a few weeks now. Let's see I want to say it's at least been 3 weeks or so since I first thought to myself that it had to be baby. It's the best feeling ever!!!! I don't know why people say it feels like a butterfly, to me it's more like baby is having a party punching and kicking me LOL :) Just gentle "pop" kinda feeling like a bubble popping. I don't always feel it, and I think John could probably feel it if he had his hand there at the right time. That never seems to happen. Then when he does put his hand there, it's like baby is laughing at him and saying "forget it dad! I'm not kicking for you" haha   Another positive thing is, that I finally got off of my medication a few weeks ago as well and everything is going great without it! Makes me a happy camper to finally have my life back to normal without having to take something for it!

Stampin': As you can tell, I keep fairly busy with my Stampin' Up! business as well. I have a monthly class, which forces me to go make projects. Otherwise right now that would be the last thing I would be doing. I've got way to many other things on my plate right now. It makes me sad... but one of these days I'll be spending more time in my craft area finishing my wedding scrapbook, making cards and other fun projects! In the mean time you'll have to be happy with the occasional post that I do on projects that we do with my group! :)

So I think that pretty much covers everything! :)

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