Monday, May 10, 2010


Well I've got some pictures of what the weather has been doing here, off and on, in the least week or so.

Last Thursday

So on the one side of the hill you saw this ^ v

And on the other side.. nice blue sky and sunny.. then in about an hour it was cloudy everywhere and we were getting scattered showers!

Then on Saturday

I love rainbows and since this was a triple rainbow it is worth three pictures! LOL :)

I'm Unmotivated!

 Ok, so today of all days what have I done? Not to much other than sit on the couch.. cut out a bit of fabric for an apron, getting my hair trimmed,  finish reading the Courteous Cad, drink some tea..since I was almost falling asleep sitting on the couch, I mopped my floors(which really doesn't take that long) and that was about all. This all amounts to a large amount of UNMOTIVATION!

Now the question might be, why were you so unmotivated today? Well the reason for that is that today the weather has been rather bleary.. It has been cloudy all day and we have had a tiny bit of rain off and on all day! Also when the sun finally did come out it was short lived! It lasted for maybe a grand total of 1 hour if that!!!  Anyway so that is my excuse for the day.. and the reason I decided to blog.. I had to start with the Unmotivation post because that is what I am.. now on I go to post some other pictures!

Monday, May 03, 2010


Well guess what we are having today? A windstorm.. honestly it looks like the fields are in the sky! bohooo :(

Done working in the greenhouse for now...

Well last week Thursday was my last day working in the greenhouse, which I surprisingly miss even though I didn't think I would! I have this feeling it is more the fact that I just miss having a job since it gave me something to do other than sit at home being bored! Anyway my resolution is to get the following things done..

1. Wedding Scrapbook
2. Aprons for gifts
3. Curtains/Pillow shams for our room
4. Find another job or focus on selling Stampin' Up or Winalite!
5. Finish Table topper that I sewed a few months ago
6. Sew the quilt for the couch in the living room
7. Go buy glass for two frames so I can put the Manhattan Flower on the glass (decor in my living room on the focal wall)
8. Finish organizing the Office (getting there)
9. Plant my flowers, and seed my garden in a couple weeks
10. Do spring cleaning in my "little" house :)
11. Finish off my antique trunk

So I think that is enough of a list to keep my occupied for a while.. So I guess the question should be why am I actually bored?! LOL :) Truth is I think I just miss being around people and so then I just don't feel like doing anything, even though there should be some sense of accomplishment if I do some of the following things...