Friday, October 29, 2010


Well, I've been getting emails that give me inspiration for cards. Usually I just look at them and leave them in a folder in my email, but since todays was super easy I figured I could quickly stamp sometime before leaving home this morning. So here is the inspiration:
and then obviously the card that I made:
So I followed the out-lay, kinda, sorta LOL :) Then after I had made this one layer card I though hmm what if I wanted to jazz it up a bit more, so.... of course I have to make another card or two to see what I could all do with the simple card to make it more fun/advanced!

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  1. Very nice one layer card. I am always looking for a nice way to showcase stamp/ink only, and this is definitely going in the "keep" folder. I cannot wait to see the other versions you come up with.


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