Friday, October 15, 2010

Un-ending mess..

Wow! It honestly seems like I'm never going to get through with sorting and throwing out things/garbage.. aka clutter in my office right now. Today I spent another 1/2-1hr sorting through a box, and through a few piles of things and I have to admit it looks better now, but there is still piles of papers/scrapbooking stuff etc laying around. One of these days I'm going to be SO happy because I have got it all cleaned up, which means I can sew on the table in the office again, and not have to put the extra leaf in my diningroom table and end up leaving it that way for a whole week. Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully I can get a few more things sorted so that it gets a little bit neater in there!

I have to admit that cleaning out the office and sorting through boxes is making me take a whole new look at things that I am keeping, because everything that I keep is going to have to be tossed or sorted again someday.  So right now it may seem painful at times but I know that I'm making progress while making myself analyze my saving habits which is definitely a good thing. Less clutter, less mess, less to deal with another day.. in the long run, it will make me a lot happier! As long as I keep telling myself this I think I can do it!

Right now, well I need to go get a few other things done :)

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