Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Well these days I'm feeling really good about myself.. I'm not exactly always getting everything I want to get done in a day.. that being said the reason I feel so good is because I've already dumped out 4 kitchen sized garbage bags of "JUNK"!! I finally decided that anything that I have no need for and won't ever use again.. or that I haven't used in a while has got to go. Honestly I still have way to many boxes of stuff cluttering up space in our little house, and half of it I haven't looked at since I packed it before I got married, and probably never will again. So I decided anything like that is GOING, because I'm tired of boxes parked in my office creating a clutter! Eventually/hopefully things will be more organized in there so that I don't have to think about where I can find something that I need, which right now is in a box etc. So far I'm doing pretty good.. now I just need to get rid of.. aka sell my retired SU! products that are in boxes in my office.  My brain has plenty of helpful ideas, but now I just need to see if I can't get something to work out for me! Anyway tomorrow is another day and I'm sure I'll spend a little time cleaning up again, like I have been these last few days!

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