Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Well if there is anyone in this world that is way to sentimental at times, it is me!! I absolutely hate it that I am that way, but how can I not be about my bridal bouquet, when it looked as fantastic as it did on my wedding day (see picture above in blog title). I would never have traded my bouquet for anything, so I had my mom keep it and dry it for me after my wedding.. lets just say, my own fault that it didn't work out better because I didn't leave more specific instructions on how to dry it etc. So the centre roses got a little moldy and started falling off. Mom brought it to me anyway the first time that they came for a visit after the wedding, but told me that if I were her I should throw it away.. What do you think I did.. haha nope I kept it as a matter or fact for another whole year and almost 3 months!

Till today, it is declutter time in my house so it just had to go which made me very sad.. so I took a few pictures of what it looked like now, and then pulled it apart contemplating what would happen if I went out and bought some fresh roses to put in the centre and dry. See I told you someone is way to sentimental! Anyway so need I say more, I threw it away before I could ponder that thought anymore!

Here are the pictures!


So there it is..

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