Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well tomorrow has come and gone LOL.. so now my Etsy store shall open on an other tomorrow haha :) Anyway I'm working on a bunch of stuff to post in my store right now... some Capri Sun beach/reuseable grocery bags. Several aprons are started and half finished, so hopefully there will be several items posted on there in the next day or so. Right now I could post my Capri Sun bags if I had the handles for the bags.. which I don't and since I don't have the car today I'm waiting for John to get done work so that I can run to Walmart and get some materials.. once I have that the first items will be posted and I will put the link on my blog here, so that who ever wants to can go take a peek! :) Until then.. this is a teaser...

Three different size bags for now.. once I have these all done I'm almost out of Capri Sun Juice bags that we emptied so that means I better go buy some more and start drinking them asap!

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