Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cleaning - again!

Well I decided that today was the day to finish tackelling the 2nd room in our house aka: the office :) Anyway I had been debating about moving somethings around in there to see what would happen. In the end I moved something and put it right back, and in the process of doing that well this is the end result: MESS :( I'm not sure if it was better before I did all the re-arranging and then putting it back to it's original spot or not. Either way it is pretty depressing looking at all my "stuff" trying to figure out where I should put it. I know this much it sure isn't going back into cardboard SU! boxes if I can help it! I took it out of them for a reason, and don't want to have it in there again for another year before I decide to try do something about it!

My problem is, mainly my house is so small that is it hard trying to find places for everything with out keeping it sitting in a box :( I actually need another bookcase but don't know where I would put it if I got another one. Having another book case would solve the problem with half of my shelf storage in the closet being taken up with books.  My fabric needs a better home than a box.... don't know what though :(  One thing I do know is that someday when we get our own house, living in a little house is going to make me really know what I want/need in that house! LOL :)

Now I purposely took pictures of the mess for everyone to see so that I get it all cleaned up and can post end result pictures! haha  :) But.. not till it is all neat :)

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