Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On to Act 3 - Recruit Crew

Well, today was the day that we had to send in our Report for Act 2, I have to admit I did not so great, which makes me sad. At the same time I'm excited because I know my Report for Act 3 will be all completed, because I have a workshop booked for it.

Today I spent some time on the phone, looking for some more Church Bazaars that I could possibly go to. I didn't have to much luck, but I did make a few flyers for one of the local schools. I decided that because HELLO how could the kids not have fun making the cute little Countdown favour boxes from the Holiday Mini, I would make a few flyers and bring them down to the school. Now I wait, and hopefully in the next week or so I hear from them. I spoke to the secretary and she was going to discuss it with the teachers. I decided that because I was doing it for a school, that maybe I would give them a little discount if they buy 4 packages. Mind you I tend not to do this, but once in a while.......I figure who knows, if it gets me 4 pkgs sold I'm super happy, then the fact that ALL those kids take them home.. hopefully another score for me! Now we wait!

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