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Well, since my blog likes eating my posts I'm hoping that I can actually get this one posted and it doesn't eat it, because it is going to be a long update!

So since you already saw my swap for regional I'm not going to go into more detail on that one, other than to say that I finished it on Thursday morning the day I had to leave for Portland. I always seem to leave those things for the last minute and it was absolutely no different this time around. I only made 15 because I hate coming home with stacks and stack of swaps that just get shoved in my drawer and in the end I never look at them again! I do think that I got some nice ones in the end so that worked out pretty good. For a lot of the others I went to look at the board in the back with all the swaps from the swapdrop basket and took pictures of the ones that I liked!

Anyway Thursday afternoon I had hoped to get out of the door between 3:00 and 3:30 but knew that would probably be pushing it, and what would you know I didn't get out of the door till 3:50 LOL :) First stop was to fuel up so that I could make it to Portland and back without having to fuel up. There was actually some gorgeous scenery along the way and so I had to take some pictures because the leaves/colors were amazing!

So there you have it.. some pictures of the scenery.. pictures don't do it justice,  but at least you can get a bit of an idea!

Anyway so driving into Portland by yourself as you are trying to read a map, which the directions aren't telling you the same thing as the signs are proved to be a bit stressful. Every time when the road would split I would end up having a panic attack because I wasn't sure if I was going the right way or not LOL :) Anyway in the end it turned out that I sure did take the right exits at the right times etc. because I ended up at exit 302A with no problems :) YAY!  I had decided that for the first time ever I was going to share a room with some SU ladies that I had never met before, and I thought that was kinda scary as well.. because what if I didn't like one of them or all of them for that matter haha. Turns out I got along with them just fine!

When I got there we went out for dinner yet, since none of us had eaten, they decided to go to the Red Robin since that was just down the street. For me, well I told them to pick because I had never been and so if that is where they wanted to go then I was cool with that as well! Anyway Cathy told me then that the first Red Robin was started on the UW campus, which I thought was a fun little tid bit of info since John had gone to University there, and I've been there a few times myself! (on campus that is) After dinner we went back to the hotel and I helped Cathy finish her swaps, since she still had a "few" to do. Once they were done we just sat around and chatted for a little bit, and then off to bed. Sleeping proved to be a thing not to do that night, since I couldn't really get to sleep due to the Light-rail being right outside our hotel window.. so between the "trains" going by, and the cars driving over the tracks lets just say that I didn't get to much sleep that night :( It is a sad day when that happens haha :)

Anyway, the next morning we were up bright and early getting ready, so that we could be standing in line at the convention centre so we could be some of the first ones in the door so we could get good seats! Typical for any demonstrator even that I've attended so far! haha :) Anyway, we got right in the front few rows thanks to a little help from a fellow demonstrator who is in our SBStampers group since she was demoing, and could get in early!

So here is a picture of some new friends that I made Cathy, and Crystal. I should have gotten one taken of all of us.. but umm just to say I forgot so sad..

They were super busy mounting stamps so they didn't notice that I had taken this picture LOL :)

Anyway, as a demo like always when we attend a SU! even we get some fun stuff! LOL :) Anyway so we got a Make 'N Take package, with 6 projects, as well as a Stamp Set, which we use to make them. The set that we got this time was called Day of Gratitude. So here is a picture of this nice set...

The throughout the day Stampin' Up! had some really great topics/speakers which were very inspiring, and we also had some fabulous Prize Patrols of which I won a Stamp Set! YAAAY :D Anyway needless to say I was super excited to win something in the first Prize Patrol but sad at the same time, because I knew I couldn't do anything with the set. I had won the set called Fang-tastic, and since I don't do Halloween what was I ever going to do with the set. In the end I decided to wait it out and see if someone else from our group won something that I could possibly trade a set with. When someone did I was really happy, so I went over and spoke to her, and told her that I would never use the set, asking her if she wanted to trade, but making sure she knew that I wasn't pressuring her to swap sets in anyway. She had to laugh and she told me that if she did that I would have to live with it mounted her way haha :wink: because all the sets that were given in Prize Patrol were clear sets. Anyway she thought about it and about 15 minutes later she came to me and gave me her set Tags til Christmas, I was so unbelievably excited LOL :) So anyway here is a picture of the set: 

All complete with some fun pink ribbon.. I mean how can you go wrong when it has bold pink ribbon on it LOL :)

Anyway now some fun things that everyone in attendance got, a container of glitter brads and a Portland Pin, we were super duper excited when we got told we got a pin LOL.. and I'm sure lots of people who don't understand what gets us demonstrators so pumped about little things will roll there eyes at me/us, but there was a lot of cheering going on. I have to tell you that my hubby and SIL kinda rolled their eyes at me when they saw the pin, couldn't figure out why I was so excited about it. Anyway so here is a picture of the pin.. and then a peek at the brads as well!

Can you spot the pin that I got??







Yup you guess it.. the Portland one of course! haha :) here is a closer look at the pin.. I love it, because I'm not one of these people who is all about the "green" movement because I think it is a bit over-rated, I figure yes we need to live responsibly but hello somethings are the way they are today as well, and you can't avoid them. Anyway enough said.. here you are.

I love that is says: I'M A STAMP HUGGER!

Finally here is a picture of our brads that we all got!

Another fun thing for me was that I also finally got to meet my U.S. upline, Julie Gunhus she was absolutely all I wanted her to be! LOL :) A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Thanks so much for passing her name on to me Lisa, I can't even begin to thank you enough!  So of course like at any event that Shelli Gardner - Stampin' Up! CEO attends you try to get a picture with her, and talk to her for a little bit, because hello it isn't every day that you get that opportunity. I told Julie that I wanted a picture with her, Shelli and me. So we go over there and waited a little while in line to get a picture and to be able to talk to her. Anyway, when we got there, Julie tells her that I'm her new downline, and that I am also a Canadian demonstrator etc. Anyway long story short Shelli was super excited, and had to give me several hugs LOL :) Anyway, in the end I spoke to her a few more times, and hope that I can make her dream for me come true. She told me that she expects me to do some big things, and some day she wants to see me be one of the top demonstrators.. LOL :) I'm sure she tells more people that, but she honestly couldn't get over the fact that right now I'm running a Canadian business, and an American business! To tell you the truth I'm amazed that things have been working out so well, so far anyway, too!  Anyway no more suspense here is the picture of us :)

Anyway so between everything that I got that day to take home, lets just say I'm a super duper pumped person right now! I'm so exciting about my business and can't wait to build it.. hold workshops.. stamps clubs in my home etc. Some of the amazing tips/ideas that we got definitely helped give me different ideas of great ways to incorperate booking statements, recruiting statements, and many more into my workshops. The biggest piece of info that I walked away with was that I need to learn how to make it sound/look like anyone can be a demonstartor, which is Glenda Travelstead's philosophy. She did a mock workshop for us, based on the basic demontrator template online. She was absolutly hilarious and oh so funny to watch/listen too!

Anyway a few more pictures of some of my favorite SU! people.. LOL, I've heard several of them speak at other events, and think they are both amazing!

Shannon West - who I've listened to more often lately due to the recruit crew

and also a picture of Shelli while she was up on stage..

 as well as the fun little box project that she demo'd for us!

So I think that is most of my story that I have to share with you. Here is a picture of the Convention Centre and then that is all I've got for you this time.

I have to admit not a picture of the whole place because it is huge! LOL :)

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