Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Digital Studio - Technique - multiple images in a punch

For lack of something better to call this technique, I'm calling it the Multiple Images in a Punch Technique. You have already seen this done in my other MDS technique post, because that is how I created the image effect in the tag. So are you ready to learn?!

Step one: First of all, when you open your project you are going to add a punch to your project. For mine I've used the Decorative Label Punch. Once the punch is added you are going to choose to paper fill the punch. Select the DSP you wish you use and click ok. Now you'll want to double click on the centre of the punch, you should get the Punch Image Editor to pop up. The nice part about the punch image editor is you can change the size of your DSP image so it is either larger or smaller. I'm going to make mine smaller, so that means I need to zoom out. I know.. isn't this amazing!?! I honestly didn't know about this until a few weeks ago! Once you get it to the size you want click ok and tada. Step one is completed!

Step two: Make sure your punch is still selected. Now you will want to go to your menu, click edit/copy. Then once again in your menu, click edit/paste in place. You should have two images directly on top of eachother. Double click on the top one to bring up the punch image editor again, you are going to click on the centre of the DSP area, and drag the "paper" to the side so that half of the punch now has nothing in it. Click ok when you have it moved to the desired area. Send punch to back.

Step Three: Now you will want to work with the 2nd punch. Double click to open image editor again, but this time you are going to choose to Replace Image. You can replace the image with any picture that you have on your computer and move it around the same way we did the DSP, by clicking and dragging. This picture is going to be on the opposite side of where you have placed your DSP image.

Step Four: Now that you have two punches with images in them feel free to layer them as you wish by either bringing the one to the front or the other to the back. Depending on how you have aligned the images. Once you have them the way you want them you may want to group the images so that you don't have to worry about them moving around on you. This also makes it much easier to move the image around on your project!

I hope that this makes sense... if you have questions let me know and I'll be happy to try answer them!  In the mean time, happy creating!

Tip: you can add multiple pictures to a punch if you want, you just need to align them so that the image that you want to see will show where you want it too.

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