Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Finally figured it out..

.. apparently my computer smarts aren't always working :p

Today I finally figured out why my pictures that were on my user on my Mom's computer at home didn't stay in my Picasa album after I deleted them off the computer, back in March '10.  Now here is the kicker: I didn't realize that I needed to upload them to the web album as well! GRRR now I'm really bummed out, because I deleted them from the Recycling Bin as well. The problem, I don't have a lot of my pictures from 3 years now.. mainly most of the ones from when we were dating etc. I wanted to scrapbook some of them but lo and behold not possible when they are all gone.

So here is the question for any of you tech savvy people, If I set my computer back in time in my user, will it affects all the users on the computer, so if I set it back to todays date after doing that will all my info/everyone elses still be there?  Please help me!! I really want my pictures back!

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