Thursday, July 14, 2011

Convention 2011 - Update #2

So, here is update #2 for those of you who want to see some more! :) All i can say is that there is tons of wonderful things happening at Convention and I'm so excited and thrilled to be part of this experience again! Convention for the 2nd time isn't half as exciting as the first time. Don't get me wrong it's absolutely wonderful but there is not BIG surprises as in not knowing what to expect! Anyway it's all good.. I am super pumped about some of the fun things that we learned about how to use My Digital Studio better in a class today, some of the fabulous give-a-ways that they had.. and the fact that we as demo's at Convention get to SEE/HAVE the Holiday Mini before everyone else!!! Yup top secret so I can't tell you other than I'm sure you'll love it too!

I have lots more that I could share but right now I'm off to Awards Night with some friends! I'll post more later!!

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