Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Convention 2011 - Update #1

So today was check in day for Convention, the day that we get to get our bag. I'm super excited about the bag, and plan to share pictures of that once I get home. For now since I know some of you really are wanting to see something fun, how is this for fun??! :)

Just before we got to go around the corner into Memento Mall they had a display case full of these cards, with the cutest little card stands every.. what would you know the card stands were in Memento Mall! WHOOOOT :)

 I had to take a quick picture of the girl who check me out of Memento Mall.. for my scrapbook, what else lol!

 Some wonderful new friends I made since I needed someone to hang out with for my Riverton trip and everyone else had deserted me :( lol.. it was great and I had so much fun with them! Here we were waiting in line at the Convention Centre for the next bus to come and get us. 

Finally, at the Headoffice/distribution centre in Riverton. YAY :D

 Also finally a quick snapshot of the building!

Stampin' Up! I LOVE you!!!


  1. Sorry we didn't have room in our van, Alise! We really would have enjoyed your company.

  2. Thanks so much Alise! I bet everyone is having the best time. I love the lampshade in the pink room. Do you know what die was used?

  3. Cheryl, its ok, I met some new friends this way :)

    Gail, I'm not sure other than it was a smaller flower I want to say 5 petals... but don't take my word for it.

  4. Thanks. I can use whatever I have, right? After all, no one I show it to will have seen this version!

  5. Knock yourself out Gail! :) I do want to see what you come up with though lol..


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