Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Convention Day #2 - Thursday, July 14

Well, finally back to some more Convention stuff. I've been planning to do this but just hadn't gotten to that point yet! There are already a few pictures up from Convention, but I don't think I did much on the second day. So here goes.... Technically this post should actually be labeled Convention Day 1, but since Wednesday is packed with lots of different activities as well I always end up calling that Day 1.

Now for some fun pictures! Thursday started off with General Session, can you believe it.. over 3000 people (women and men) packed into one area, excited for Convention to begin! General swapping, while we all waited for Main Session to begin.

this years theme was Grow, main stage was all decked out in flowers, the coolest part of all was as Convention went on, they weren't always the same colors!

One of the new walks that was added to Convention, The First Timers Walk, several of the girls in my sideline got to walk on stage!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the tables where our boxed lunches would be on later.

Look at the lucky winners! Who doesn't like Prize Patrol!

Everyone received a Simply Sent Kit! YAY :D

Dinner at the Olive Garden! Yumm. I think at this point we all needed a break and were just able to enjoy relaxing!

Can you tell how excited I was to be in Salt Lake!?! LOL :)  I also took lots of picture of the display area, but I have already posted a sampling of some of those picture while I was at Convention!

Then last but not least, Awards Night is Thursday night. 

So that was Thursday!

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