Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Negative side to being away!

Well I'm finding out in a really big hurry that I have really not been home enough this month! The end of June/beginning of July I was gone for about a week. Then last week I was gone again.. The result to all this travelling is that nothing is getting cleaned in my house. Well I know you are all saying, so what, if you aren't home it doesn't get messy. Which is true to a certain extent, other than the fact that I had a million and one things to get done in the week that I was home so my house didn't really get cleaned all that good other than the main living area. The end result of that being that there is a layer of dust on everything everywhere. Trust me I don't live well with dust, if I see that there is dust on my coffee table/end tables in my living room out comes the dust rag and I have to clean it all so it looks nice and clean again! I'm anal that way! lol :)

So what have I been doing since I got home..well other than making some cards because how could I not do so after being so inspired from Convention.. it has been a cleaning week! First with laundry, then cleaning bathrooms, from there dusting my livingroom, and then my bedroom and some other areas. I feel like my house is getting cleaner which is great.. BUT I still need to mop, and vacuum as well as see if I can't find a better way to organize my fabric, because right now it just isn't working for me. My extra room in my house has become my sewing room and it has piles of fabric everywhere. Then when I need a smaller piece of fabric I need to dig through the pile which means it isn't neat anymore and the re-organizing begins once again. ugh!

The other thing that I got to do once I got home was pick my beans and peas from my garden. While they are yummy when they are fresh I was like "really" because I honestly didn't need more work right now lol :) That being said we've really been enjoying them so I'll stop complaining! I also have a gallon of raspberries that I need to put in containers or baggies to go into the freezer. So lots of fun things happening here!

Anyway, watch out for the next post in a while because I promise there will be some fun included in that one! :)


  1. Ha, ha!!!! You changed your picture to the one I took of you outside Olive Garden!!! It's a good look so happy. We did have loads of fun that night.

  2. Yes, I thought it was a great picture as well! (obviously) lol :)


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