Monday, July 25, 2011

Canning - A day in my life!

Well, I grew up in a household where we did a lot of canning.. I should say "A LOT" a second time because we seriously did. Every summer a few hundred quart jars of fruit and jam's would be put away. This was a process in which almost all of us kids got to be involved with, whether we liked it or not LOL :) Anyway.. the training must have paid off because here I am married and canning fruit myself now.

Today's canning wasn't for myself though. I decided to be nice and can cherries for my Mom, as well as, for my sister! Yes, nothing for me but for others, I guess this is where the sharing that Shelli talked about at Convention comes into play. We heard from my hubby's great aunt and uncle that they weren't going to pick the cherries in their orchard since they weren't worth picking this year. So that mean't that we could get them for nothing. All we had to do was come pick them. So on Saturday John went and picked on "tote" full, and then this morning I went and picked another one. Then once I got home, time to start cleaning them and putting them in jars, and the fun of canning begins!

Challenging.. well maybe a little! I've never had to can on a grill before, since I have a flat-top stove no more canning in my house unless I buy a new pan.. so forget that the grill works just fine! All in all I've got 50ish jars of cherries done, 20 for my sister and the rest for my mom.

Yes, the picture of the apple juice is critical! LOL.. we have been canning with unsweetned Apple juice for quite a few years now and really really like the taste. Way more so than sugar water, and the apple juice is a lot healthier as well!


  1. LOL!!!! It's so cute that you canned on the BBQ!!! You can use your flat top stove with your pot, you just need a little metal thing to put between your pot and the stove. The metal thing is a thin piece of metal that is in the shape of a ring or star. You should be able to find one at a kitchen store. Happy canning...we made apricot jam tonight (YUM!!).

  2. That's good to know, now I'm going to have to see if I can find something like that. Doing it on the BBQ is fine though because at least you don't get all the heat in the house.


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