Friday, July 22, 2011

My Digital Studio - Ribbon loops technique

So, one of my classes at Convention was on Stampin' Up!s My Digital Studio program. For those of you who aren't familiar with the program, it is a digital program that you can use to make, scrapbooks(either individual pages or full books) Cards, Tags, Journals, Calenders and almost anything that you can think of!

When MDS first came out I wasn't too sure if I would be a fan of it or not, after all I was sure I would never enjoy doing digital scrapbooks. Like I said a few weeks ago in one of my posts it's become so nice to be able to take it with me everywhere I go, when I go visit family, sitting in an airport, while we are on a road trip and John is driving. I LOVE IT! Quick and easy when you don't have a lot of time and are way behind with scrapbooking! So all that being said, yes I've become a huge fan and think that MDS is the program that every digital scrapbooker should use! Why? because the versatility, you can do so much with this program and some of the new tips/techniques that I learned at Convention just made it even more clear to me that we really do have an amazing program! While some of you may be sceptical you would be surprised what you learn by taking a class on MDS!

So I'm going to post a fun little tag that I created yesterday using two of the techniques that we used at Convention.

So I'm sure you've already noticed the fun little ruffle that was done with the ribbon. What you'll want to do is open the project you are working on. Then go to "insert" "add photo" from there you go to where you MDS program lives on your computer, so for me that is in My Computer/C: drive/Program Files/My Digital Studio. Now once you get to this point you will want to select "components" Click to open this you will get a list of all the different files you have in MDS, you will select the "embellishments" then select the type of ribbon you want. So for this instance I used the "striped grosgrain ribbon" Select the "Daffodil Delight bow" click "ok"

Once you have the bow added to your project you are going to double click on the ribbon image so you can crop it. You can crop the image now because you've added it as a picture. Select the loop of the bow
It should look like this now. You will rotate the image to the desired angle, the copy and paste as many as you want. Align them, group them. Then save this as a jpeg image in your C:drive (or where ever your MDS lives) in the My Digital Studio folder in a file that you create with the special images that you've created. This will make your life a lot easier next time you want to have fun loops on you project!

I hope that this makes sense to everyone, if not feel free to ask questions. Happy creating, and let me see what kind of fun projects you come up with using this technique. I hope to explain the other technique next time!

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