Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Decor Elements

Well I finally bit the bullet and decided to actually go ahead and put a Decor Element on my walls. Until today I hadn't gone there because we live in a rental, and eventually if we move I won't be able to take it along with me. Well I got over being sentimental about one of the ones that I've been keeping in my stash for someday, or for a frame and actually put it up on my wall! Here is what it looks like:

So there it is! Now also decided that since I'm getting over it I might as well order a nice tree for my other wall to help out and break it up a bit since it is way to big of a wall and way to bare right now! I'll post pictures of that once I get that all taken care of! In the mean time, why not order some fun Decor Elements (vinyl) for your own home from Stampin' Up!

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