Thursday, November 04, 2010

Rag Quilt

Well my sister-in-law and I made a rag quilt for a fundraiser sale that we have for our school and mission every year. This took at bit of juggling of schedules but we managed to make it work.. between me cutting out all the squares and batting. Both or us sewing, and finally Cynthia clipping all the edges we got it done today! :) So here it is:

This quilt was the same pattern I used for the very first quilt that I made all by myself when I was in eleventh grade for Home-Ec, to get some extra credits. I debated about not posting a picture of it.. but since it is currently on the back of my couch again... since the weather has been getting cooler and it is great to be able to curl up on the couch with my quilt... LOL :) So here is a picture of that one...

As you can see I did add a little extra something.. the flowers on some of the big squares :)

I have to admit that I have learned a lot more about quilting in the past 9 years since I made my first project, and since I mentioned that one.. here is a picture of it as well.. yup it is picture posting day. This quillow is hand quilted, trust me not the greatest art work ever done but for a 13 1/2 year old who hated sewing I guess it wasn't to bad LOL :)

psst I just won't tell you what it looks like on the inside haha :)

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