Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday

So this was my second Black Friday that I was living in the U.S. and the first time that I went shopping on Black Friday! I'm sure some of you will wonder if I thought it was worth fighting the "crazy" people who were out there, and I think I have to say yes because I went to.............. HOBBY LOBBY! eeeek, I mean how could it not be worth my while when I went there after all! I bought some fabric and a few other little things, and had a whole lot of fun wandering through the decor section in the store dreaming about what I would use/how I would decorate my house if it was bigger!! I also fell in love with some lights that would look super in my living room on my tables, but a little out of our "winter" budget for now... so a someday they shall be for a while!

Anyway I was just looking online in the store to see if I could find the lamps that I really liked but they don't have half the selection online, so I guess I can't show you :( Anyway here is a picture of the fabric I bought!

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