Thursday, December 02, 2010


Well I finally decided to take a picture of our house in the snow, before all the snow melts again! Anyway I'm still kicking myself for not doing it a few days ago when there was snow everywhere, and frost on all the trees etc which made everything look so pretty! I'm really sad that things are starting to melt though, because that means that the snow's life here is short lived, once again :( Yes, I LOVE SNOW, and I know some of you reading this are thinking.. seriously?! what is wrong with her?! haha :) but you don't know what you miss until you hardly get any of it in a winter, and it just isn't the same without it! I'm saying that from experience now!
Also since I don't think I've posted a picture of the house after we painted the outside this fall now you can see what we did ;)

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