Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wishful Thinking..

Some days I wish I could be little again, it seems like you have so little to worry about when you are young! The sad thing about that is, you don't realize it! Anyway I just needed to get that out there :) Don't get me wrong I love being married etc. but minus the bills would be nice, (especially now that the weather is cold, the heating bill is no fun!)  haha.. I know dream on eh?!

Anyway hopefully it warms up a little tomorrow, because there is one thing I know that I hate, and that is being cold.. which it seems to have been for me the last few days :( Anyway enough said.. my little house is cold, and turning the heat up well that means a even more expensive bill so I guess I won't say anything else.

Also for my wonderful peeps who live in Alberta I feel for all of you because I know that it is oh so much colder over there at the moment.. which I can live with, if my heat bill wouldn't be so expensive LOL :)

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