Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Well I finally got a wreath for my front door.. YAY! I had wanted one for a long time already, but they aren't exactly cheap either, and I didn't want a very seasonal one, but wanted a berry one... well I got it today!
I temporarily put it on my door leading to the garage because it was already dark outside.. so there you have it!

Now.. the next day.. here it is on the outside door:


  1. Cool!! but I think Tanya's wreath is cuter. Sorry :P Ask Tanya to send you a pic of it

  2. I didn't know wreath's were cute! :P haha Anyway doesn't matter but I like mine and that is all that matters to me.

    Lisa, thanks! :)

  3. NO WAY!!! the nicest one yet is the one Oma made for the school sale!! It is really cool

  4. Fine sisters.. :P Anyway like I said I don't care I like mine! So there.. ;)

    Btw Brit, Tanya's is for Christmas and then she has to put it away, I can always leave mine out!


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