Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White....

Christmas.. or I should probably say Thanksgiving :) I honestly am so excited about the snow that we are getting, it started yesterday afternoon for a bit, but it was too warm for it to stick and stay, towards evening it got colder, and by the time we got out of church it was starting to stick. Anyway right now I'm finally happy to say that I'm looking at a Winter Wonderland, and there is more snow falling!  Some of you may not know why I get so excited about snow, but I've always loved snow/winter and really miss that since I moved... we hardly get any snow here that stays for any length of time! So enough said.. here is a quick picture of what I'm looking at through my window!

and since I took this picture the flakes have gotten bigger I decided to take another picture for fun (which turned into two pictures) LOL :)

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