Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coffee? Who said that it isn't a good thing to get...

... 3 bags? LOL! Now I will have coffee coming out of my ears for another 9 months or so! The first bag I just finished grinding the last of it.. so we are getting pretty close to 3 months out of that bag right now :)

That is unless I get John drinking it as well.. which hasn't happened so far so I think we will be alright.. haha! :)
Anyway what happened is I asked my mom to get me a bag if she was going to Costco, which she was so she did. Anyway then John's mom went and did some groceries in Costco in AB when they were there and she got me two more bags! YAY! Thanks MOM(s)! xxx's


  1. Yup looks like u have coffee for a good time!!

    Hey love that pot that says coffee!! I think it really suits the pots. I would love to see pics of all the pots. :)

  2. thanks.. well I will have to see what I can do sometime :)


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