Monday, October 05, 2009

The mail just ruined my day :(

Ok, so of all days to have the mailman bring me something I DID NOT WANT to see! Anyway so we got a letter back from immigration.. apparently according to them my Birth Certificate wasn't in the package.... What in the world.. are they blind? I know for a fact that it was in there because it almost was forgotten and then I put it in! So SHUT UP already and get on with it :( Anyway they will find something if they can that is wrong.. and apparently they also needed some other info from John so whatever.. but still I can't believe it :( BLAAAHHHHHHH!!!

Oh well I guess we get the info filled out and in the mail asap! Since I have the finger printing appointment on the 9th... ugh.. not looking forward to that but at least I have my wonderful hubby going with me! Still I think I better start taking vitamin B or I'm going to be stressing.. I know dumb but hey I can get stressed about random things... freaky to though.. I've never been finger-printed that I know of so... that isn't helping me right now.. Oh well I will get over it!

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