Saturday, October 17, 2009

What a week!

Well, all I can say is that I've had a super busy week! Which is absolutely great because it sure beats sitting around all day trying to feel busy! Anyway so Sunday the 11th was my parent's anniversary which we weren't able to be there for :( In the end we knew that when we set the wedding date, but it is amazing how much more of an issues big days are when you've been away from home for a few months :( But that is the way life goes!

Anyway then Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving Day, which was also a very weird feeling not to have Thanksgiving day here! Yes maybe we Canadians are weird but almost as soon as Thanksgiving is over we get into the Christmas mood! At least that is at "home" if there is snow on the ground..! Hey have you guys started playing Christmas music yet :P haha! So I guess that about sums up thing #2 that I wasn't home for....

Then thing #3 was my parents' Open House for their anniversary, since it was their 25th.... and family pictures :( I'm going to post some in a separate link so everyone can have a peek! :) or if you are really curious now already go check out the family blog!

So for most of these days... or at least Tuesday I spent it at John's Aunt and Uncles place.. sure beats sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself! :P What did I do Wednesday...hmmm I don't even remember how bad is that! Anyway then on Thursday I don't think I did anything major either... Friday I cleaned John's parents' house and went to a lady from the church to start taking wall paper off of her walls... she had heard that I was bored and she had some work for me so tada... :P

Anyway that is a whole separate story and it kinda embarasses me to say this but I got lost on my drive out there :( I turned to soon and couldn't figure it out so I had to backtrack and go from there. The reason this embarasses me is because usually I'm really good with directions... but apparently not on Friday :(

Then Saturday morning John and I went with his dad to go pick some apples! Yay what fun! lol I've actually never really had the experience of doing this before.. wow there was some awesome sized apples on those trees though! So we picked a few pails and headed home to get some other work done! That was at the duplex, our place, we had to get some of the watering system in... so John's dad said to me.. are you going to help? and I was like sure why ever not... so there I was... I would say "glueing" PVC pipes together... but I'm not allowed to call it glue... oh that is right the teflon "stuff" is called Monkey Shit.. :P or Poop like my dad calls it hehe... anyway John's dad though he might be corrupting me but when I told him what it got called at home he figured it should be alright! haha!

Anyway so I had to put valves together with the Monkey Shit and then use plyers to turn them in all the way.. it was quite the process and I'm sure that if I did that everyday.. I would start getting some muscles again :P At least now I don't feel so wimpy anymore :P haha! Then I had to weld the PVC pipes together and attach the valves to sections of piping.... whatever.. I should have taken a picture.. who knows someday I just may! Then I had to add a few T's into the sections of the longer piping that goes around the base of the wall for watering the shrubs/bushes that are going to be planted there.. So that was Saturday morning!

Saturday afternoon around 1:30-2:00ish Cynthia and I headed to the Tri-Cities to do Groceries in Costco and WinCo! quite the major grocery trip since I hadn't really done major groceries since about a good month ago.. just picking up minor things here and there in Safeway.. but I've decreed that, that is a complete rip off! I bought 3 jugs of milk for lets say about $6... Whole Milk that is.. yup as a Dairy Farmers daughter I can't drink that watery milk... IMO that is just WATER!! not MILK :P anyway... so normally in Safeway the only Whole Milk they have is Organic... which is fine but it costs almost as much for one of those as it did for 3 in WinCo.. which is a complete 100% rip off! anyway so I took some out of two of them and put the in the freezer.. which I will unthaw again once I need them.. but at least that means less shopping trips to get stuff like that! now I'm wondering what would happen if I did that to Yogurt? hmmmm because then I could possibly buy some more in Costco and do that to.. oh well... 15 does last John a while anyway! So that is that.. anyway we got back around 5 or so... and that was the end of my busy day! Now I just need to try get some sleep so that I can get ready for my next super busy week!

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