Saturday, October 03, 2009


Well today's project was working on Dr. Czub's quilt :) I've got about at least one side pretty much done.. the binding that is.. so, so far so good.. now the race to have it done by Wednesday :) Once again I've had the sad reminder of why I hate doing the binding so much... yup mom there is a reason that every time I got to this part of a quilt that I would ask if I couldn't just use the sewing machine for that too :( Oh well I will survive!

The other day I had been debating about cross-stitching.. but nope.. as long as I hate anything that involves very close scrutiny when working with a tiny needle it won't be happening.. it is a good thing that sewing the one side of quilt binding on is the least that needs to be done to a quilt almost.... or I sure wouldn't be a quilter either!

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