Saturday, October 10, 2009

Officially having some pictures taken as...

Mr. and Mrs. John Van Wingerden... that aren't wedding pictures! :) Evert thought he had a good idea... he could go on the picture with John and I could take the pictures because I'm the photographer according to him.. LOL :) Ummm ya I think not... :P

Ummm excuse me Evert when you take pictures you tell people that you are going to do so and take normal looking ones of them :P

John says: Well can't I have one of those thinking pictures.. Alise says: No because when we want nice pictures that isn't allowed..


  1. Love the pics girl!!! :) John's even dressed up :P betcha I know what was behind that... ;) ;)

  2. LOL :) I wouldn't know who that would be... I made him wear his blue shirt! :P haha


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