Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Well.. I wanna quilt.. but do something fun for fall :(

I figure it could be nice to do something for fall/winter for on the table in the dining room.. but hmm no fabric in the right colors.. I guess I really just have the itch for something fallish... but I may be able to justify something.. haha.. we still have wedding money left and hmmm maybe... I mean it is for the house, but I will have to see! I love the idea that they had for a contest on the quilting blog that I have a link for on here.. and really how hard would that be to do!? Oh well we shall see, thinking about it I don't know if I have fabric's that may work.. some of the colors maybe kinda off, but I have another idea. It will be a matter of finding something that will work since it would be mostly applique anyway and then I would just have to come up with my own kinda design... hmmm my brain is working now! But first of all I'm going to get my curtains done! I have to get some fabric for the bathroom yet so one of these days I might just go do that!

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